20 Super Clever Fridge Organization Ideas Nullifying All the Clutter

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Does each of the shelves of your refrigerator look quite like a huge pile of fruits and veggies, or all the leftovers from the week, loads of snacks that the kiddos somehow never seem to find, or simply dozens of condiment containers? The good news is that you can get the appliance totally well-managed, bidding farewell to all that clutter and keeping everything truly handy. 20 Super Clever Fridge Organization Ideas Nullifying All the Clutter!

20 Super Clever Fridge Organization Ideas Nullifying All the Clutter

1. Free Printable Fridge Labels

Free Printable Fridge Labels

Classification is definitely the key to better organization and eliminating the hassle of looking through the refrigerator forever for finding that simple pack of cheese slice or that cute little avocado that you stored yesterday! Clean and Scentsible uses a whole bundle of amazing labels drafted in Picmonkey that are printed off on a laser printer on a nice and clear Silhouette sticker paper to name the different containers dedicated for a particular kind of item stored in the fridge. To make it all super easy for you, the guide offers the printables for you in an adorable font, along with some extra special ones.

At the same time, so much more organization comes into play when stackable bins are used for sandwich supplies, while the large middle shelf of the refrigerator dedicated to keeping all those leftovers and extra food supplies. For that, come into play about 8 more stackable food storage containers and everything turns into all well-managed. To save some more space, try condensing the food packaging and food items a little more, and voila!

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2. Hello Organization Refrigerator Makeover

Hello Organization Refrigerator Makeover

The author terms disposing off all the cardboard food packaging boxes as the most essential step to giving your refrigerator a total makeover. But, first of all, you must remove everything and wash even the smallest of sections of the appliance. Loads of plastic storage pull out bins, perfect for deep narrow cabinets work wonders for storing all the juice boxes, jello, pudding and other smaller snacks. The metal wire soda organizer steals the show and you’ll never have to witness those stacks and stacks of soda cans taking up all the space, while separate containers go for the fruits and all the smaller food items are made to stay in one single spot.

You’ll be amazed to check out the incredible transformation that the refrigerator goes through as showcased in the below inspiration by Four Generations One Roof with the help of dozens of photographs displaying the Before and After appearances. Not only will these little hacks maximize the storage space, but also will make sure that everything is kept oh so handy, making the most of each of the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator.

Idea Details : fourgenerationsoneroof

3. Fridge Organization : Printed Coasters

Fridge Organization : Printed Coasters

Who said that those lovely-looking sets of coasters were only meant to be a part of your dining table? This out-of-the-box idea employs them right inside your refrigerator and you don’t need to spend hours and hours on cleaning little corners of the refrigerator anymore. Moreover, these are going to add a style statement to the interior of the appliance with the beautiful designs and patterns the coasters flaunt. The coasters come with great power to absorb because of liners that are super-versatile when it comes to the ability to fit and adjust. In fact, the manufacturers recommended in the below guide by A Bowl Full of Lemons offer you a money back guarantee if the coasters don’t fit in your refrigerator.

Place them beneath the milk container, under those salad dressings in the door, or the fruit bowl and all loaded sections of the fridge. The way the coasters fit inside the different drawers of just about any fridge and the sections of the door just perfect deserves sure-shot appreciation. To learn a lot more about the coaster, check out the link below.

Idea Detail : abowlfulloflemons

4. How to Create A Snack Zone in Your Fridge

How to Create A Snack Zone in Your Fridge

If you have kids, you are well aware of everything inside the refrigerator totally getting messed up, and why? Because of those little ones looking out for their favorite snacks and ending up disorganising all the stuff you stored inside the appliance. The key is to design a special section for keeping all the snacks at one single spot – with a creatively designed snack zone in the fridge. And you really don’t need to work up the inspiration only if you have got kids, designing a snack zone for yourself is as wonderful an idea as doing it for the little ones – and everyone will know where to look for some munching or quick treats in those moments of snack cravings.

To craft the section, you use a snack drawer and one shelf of the door as the building blocks, further adding a label for the Snack Zone. Simply use a marker to work up the label, and your fridge has got an all new super cool section for all the snacking! Gain a deeper insight into the innovative makeover heading to the guide by Stockpiling Moms.

Idea Details : stockpilingmoms

5. Putting my Pins to Use

Putting my Pins to Use

The author here puts some of the inspiration she received from her Pins to application and adopts the idea of pre-packaging and storing of most of the food items and snack, so that she can use them later without wasting much of time. Oh yes, each of the items are stored in individual boxes that you can stack on top of each other or simply line up in the refrigerator. The pre-cut, pre-packaged snacks are going to make preparing the lunches or after-school snacks a much simpler affair. After you go grocery shopping, spend a little time on chopping and packing the snacks and storing them in airtight containers, ending up in a better organization of the refrigerator.

Everything, ranging from bunches of grapes, carrots, apples, all the string cheese, hummus, edamame, cantaloupe and much more are stored in the same fashion. She even hard boils eggs in advanced and dedicates a container to them as well. The actual preparation part of your meals would just be a deal of few minutes, and what can be better than that?

Idea Details : littlepenelopelane

6. Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips

Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips

Here’s a whole bundle of tips that will make storing all the seasonal produce almost effortless and of course, more organized. You put loads of ball jars, glass vases and baskets for produce storage, and we bet, you are going to love the visual beauty of the seasonal produce display that comes to life in your refrigerator, making cooking healthy food a lot more easier. One of the most amazing tips shared in the below guide by The Intentional Minimalist is to trim the herbs and store them in individual ball glass storage jars with a little water, and surprisingly, the herbs are going to last for super long if you keep changing the water at regular intervals.

On the other hand, those seasonal greens are stored in wide mouth glass storage jars with a sprouting lid. Apart from that, you have got creative hacks to store stuff like kale, poc choi, chard and all stemmed greens by cutting off their stems. Ball glass jars with sealed lids come with a great deal of magic that keeps nut butters, nut flours, raw nuts and raw seeds fresh for months in the refrigerator or freezer.

Idea Details : theintentionalminimalist

7. Alton Brown’s Mustard Caddy

Are dozens of condiment containers, sauce bottles and pesky mustard containers making it a tough deal to find storage space for other essentials? Why not keep them all in one single spot that frees rest of the space like a piece of cake, yet keeps the condiment containers within super easy reach – let them be housed in the refrigerator door with a winsome caddy that you design all by yourself putting the concept of “Best Out of Waste” to showcase. And it doesn’t even call for two steps of construction – all you need to do is grab a used egg tray and let it sit on one of the door shelves.

Now, you can store the condiment bottles and containers upside-down, letting the cavities for the eggs hold the heads of the bottles in perfect place. Isn’t it quite surprising how easy was it to get it all done? This incredible YouTube video by Alton Brown not only connects with you regarding how irritating it gets to manage those containers, but also takes you through the ultra-simple hack to craft the mustard caddy and the great way in which you can make the most of that otherwise, waste egg tray.

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8. Organized Freezer Drawers

Organized Freezer Drawers

Just when you thought nobody uses those traditional multi-purpose bins anymore, here is something to take you by a total surprise! The bins are making a comeback with this amazing hack to organize all your freezer drawers, and this time, they are going to make you fall in love with themselves, making sure that they stay in forever! Here is a great guide by Simply Organized on how to take your refrigerator organization to the next level, that too in a cost-effective fashion. Grab lots of inexpensive multi-purpose bins and once, you have removed the outer packaging they come with, you are all set to use them in a categorical manner.

Different items, including breakfast stuff, all the veggies, fries, snacks, and chicken are stored in different bins and are lined together on the shelves. The deep freezer drawers would also fit just perfect in the deep freezer drawer and will save loads of space around the appliance. Another thing proving to be super helpful is some deep drawer clear bins that store all small food item packs. This cool guide by Simply Organized will help you out to forge the whole hack with utmost ease.

Idea Details : simplyorganized

9. Organizing Your Refrigerator

Organizing Your Refrigerator

If you had to define the whole idea showcased by this guide in a nutshell, it’s all about grouping different food items together in a number of storage bins and that’s all! Put them in the fridge and you will instantly find yourself much calm and delighted. What Mom 4 Real also does here is to make lovely labels for each of the bins, as well as those crisper drawers, making it a piece of cake to find just about anything you need. It’s as important to keep a track of what all you have in the fridge as it is to organize them, so that you never have to struggle remembering what you have got when you are actually preparing a meal.

Just grab a chalk pen or a dry erase marker or a grease pencil, and get going to study what all’s kept on each of the shelves, and simply and list put a list on one side of the fridge’s interior. Definitely, forging the ideas is going to make your life a lot more convenient right from the moment you organize your refrigerator.

Idea Details : mom4real

10. Stack Bottles or Cans in Fridge to Save Space

Stack Bottles or Cans in Fridge to Save Space

It’s always said that a picture speaks a thousand words! And this hack shared by Home Hacks in an incredible one-liner explanation backs the statement amazingly well. The idea is to stack all the water bottles or cans in the fridge to save a surprising deal of space. And you do it all in a way that the bottles form a pyramid-like structure. Grab a few couple binder clips and carefully clip them to those shelves of your fridge that have got a wired base. The binders will work as stoppers for the bottles and will make sure they don’t slide down or simply fall over the other items kept inside the appliance.

This idea can come very handy when you have already got the door of the refrigerator totally loaded with water bottles. All the beer bottles, cans and other bottles that can’t seem to grab a place for themselves in the door can settle down in this cool fashion, wherein you don’t have to store them upright – instead celebrate the concept of vertical space utilisation.

Idea Details : homehacks

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