31 Amazing Wood Crate Projects That Range from Decor to Storage and More!

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Wooden crates come with all capabilities to take the cake with their rustic element. And that’s why turning them into beautiful pieces of furniture, storage or decor is an incredible idea. It won’t just add to the storage, but also add so much more style to your space. Here are 31 Wood Crate Projects you need to try right away!


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Amazing Wood Crate Projects

1. DIY Wood Crate Bookshelf

DIY Wood Crate Bookshelf

Here’s a magnificent piece of furniture for the study room or workspace that combines storage with style. This bookshelf is a creative assembly of 5 large wood crates, having some stain or paint complete its look.

DIY Details : creatingreallyawesomefunthings

2. Customize a DIY Wooden Storage Crate

Customize a DIY Wooden Storage Crate

A splash of stain or paint can personalize an unfinished wooden crate, making it gel up with the decor of the room. Not to forget, you’ve got lovely cabinet pulls on the sides.

DIY Details : homedepot

3. Pallet Coffee Table with Crate Sides

Pallet Coffee Table with Crate Sides

Genius is the word that suits this unconventional coffee table. It’s nothing but a union of four wooden crates that are arranged to work up a square-shape with a great deal of storage.

DIY Details : palletfurniturediy

4. Wood Crate Vertical Storage

Wood Crate Vertical Storage

Why go for a set of expensive wall-mounted shelves for storage when you can get it done in a fraction of the cost? Two crates are stained and attached to the wall with lavish-looking brackets.

DIY Details : chapterthirtyseven

5. DIY Bookshelf

DIY Bookshelf

Those candy colors and the simple structure of this bookshelf is all credits to making it stand out. Four wood crates, flaunting a different color each, are arranged in a vertical pattern using small screws.

DIY Details : crazylittleprojects

6. DIY Crate Large Bookshelf

DIY Crate Large Bookshelf

8 unfinished wooden crates are subjected to some sanding and wonderful Minwax stains to achieve some intended imperfections on this large bookshelf. You also need brackets, screws, plastic table cloth, brushes and rags.

DIY Details : taramichelleinteriors

7. DIY Crate Bench

DIY Crate Bench

Nothing beats the essence of new furniture built with some clever repurposing of otherwise, waste stuff. This porch bench in a shade of red allows for seating, as well sports ample room for storage underneath.

DIY Details : hometalk

8. $15 Rustic Nightstand

$15 Rustic Nightstand

As the title suggests, you don’t need to spend more than 15 dollars to whip this rustic nightstand up. It’s all about stacking two milk crates, staining or painting them and adhering them with a strong glue or nails.

DIY Details : simplyrealmoms

9. DIY Ottoman

DIY Ottoman

The first glimpse of this gloriously rustic ottoman makes it impossible to figure out that it’s a milk crate turned into furniture. A plywood, a layer of foam and a fabric upholstery form the seat.

DIY Details : jenniferdecorates

10. DIY Raised Dog Feeder

DIY Raised Dog Feeder

This uber cool wood crate project yields something oh so purposeful for your little pet. An old crate is put upside down, having two dog food bowls inserted into the bottom of the crate in a clever fashion.

DIY Details : foliver

11. 5 Ways to Style a Wooden Crate

5 Ways to Style a Wooden Crate

Little Vintage Nest shows 5 different ways you can style the same with great ease. You have got a dining room table centerpiece, a farmhouse vignette, countertop storage, a cubby, and a bathroom vanity.

DIY Details : littlevintagenest

12. Great Crate Book Storage

Great Crate Book Storage

Store all the books in your kiddo’s playroom in one single spot that’s also within their reach. Employ a wooden crate to work as a wall-mounted bookshelf by cutting it into two halves, and screwing to the wall.

DIY Details : iheartorganizing

13. Fruit Crate Shoe Bench

Fruit Crate Shoe Bench

What a wonderful idea is it to blend a shoe rack with a bench that looks amazing sitting in the entryway or the bedroom. The bright-painted bench gets a comfy seat attached on top while wheels make it easy-to-move.

DIY Details : handimania

14. DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed

DIY Wooden Crate Pet Bed

A little woodworking and some distressed paint job will get an old wooden crate all set for turning into a pet bed. All it needs is a large pillow or some sheets of foam to make the mattress for your little one.

DIY Details : refurbished-ideas

15. DIY Wooden Crate Hot Wheels Display

DIY Wooden Crate Hot Wheels Display

Celebrate your child’s love for collecting those incredible hot wheels with an equally incredible display for them. This DIY toy parking garage is all about lining a vertically-placed wood crate with empty toilet rolls.

DIY Details : frugalfun4boys

16. Rustic Wall Crate

Rustic Wall Crate

Integrating some simple metal hooks and some beautifully stenciled letters are the key to whipping up this key-holder wall crate. Add a nice wood stain for an added finish, placing a small vase inside for the cherry on the cake.

DIY Details :kammyskorner

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