31 Amazing Wood Crate Projects That Range from Decor to Storage and More!

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Wooden crates come with all capabilities to take the cake with their rustic element. And that's why turning them into beautiful pieces of furniture, storage or decor is an incredible idea. It won't just add to the storage, but also add so much more style to your space. Here are 31 Wood Crate Projects you need to try right away!  

17. Wood Crate Bedside Table

Wood Crate Bedside Table

This bedside table is actually constructed from pallet wood pieces and made to look like a wooden crate. The author installs a pleasing vintage-inspired wallpaper on the insides, alongwith cute antique legs underneath.

DIY Details : beatrice4273.canalblog

18. DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

DIY Crate Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

Perhaps, one of the most innovative wood crate projects you would find on this list. The framework of this vertical cabinet holds a bunch of wood crates inside, each of which slide out like individual drawers.

DIY Details : virginiasweetpea

19. How to Build a Side Table/Night Stand

How to Build a Side Table/Night Stand

Dowel rods form the legs of the nightstand, while a wooden crate doubles as the storage section and the table-top. To make it gel up with the interior of your space, add your choice of wood stain and voila!

DIY Details : ehow

20. DIY Industrial Wood Crate Toy Box

DIY Industrial Wood Crate Toy Box

Minwax stain in special walnut coats the box, sprucing things up with white stars stenciled on the front. The industrial-looking crate comes with wheels at the bottom, while corner straps make it easy-to-carry.

DIY Details : addicted2diy

21. Wood Crate Wine Rack

Wood Crate Wine Rack

Place it on the counter shelf or mount it on the wall, the Minwax wood stain in classic grey makes the rack super versatile. To divide it into 4 smaller sections, the rack is lined with X-shaped wooden boards in the middle.

DIY Details : myanythingandeverything

22. Crate Shelf with Fabric Back and Painted Sides

Crate Shelf with Fabric Back and Painted Sides

Who wouldn’t adore this crate shelf coming with printed fabrics on the inside and coordinating painted matching sides? You also need foam core board, batting, quilt fabric, glue, straight pins, acrylic paint, brushes, and white chalk paint.

DIY Details : joann

23. Crate Storage Coffee Table and Stools

Crate Storage Coffee Table and Stools

We are in love with this coffee table with pull-out wooden crates installed for storage. Even the stools accompanying the table offer portable storage and of course, comfy seating. The cushioned seats flip up as and when you need.

DIY Details : hertoolbelt

24. Rolling Bathroom Storage Crates

Rolling Bathroom Storage Crates

The dual-toned look of this bathroom storage makes it a treat to the eyes, while the casters on the bottom make it effortless to roll. The crates are attached together to form the final assembly using a drill and screws.

DIY Details : blog.homedepot

25. Wood Crate Flower Box

Wood Crate Flower Box

Ditch the regular flower boxes and go for these wheel-sporting pretties in bright pastel hues to get the planting done! Sand and paint an old wooden crate, attaching the wheels, and lastly, adding small planters inside.

DIY Details : theverden.blogspot

26. DIY Storage Ottoman

DIY Storage Ottoman

Storage, seating and style – this compact ottoman has got it all in one single package. The DIY affair is all about adding some creative touches to a wooden crate, while some foam and fabric work up the upholstery.

DIY Details : monmakesthings

27. Wood Crate Toy Train

Wood Crate Toy Train

A toy train that not only travels around the house, but also stores your kiddos play-stuff, books and toys in different sections. The individual crates are joined together with chains, while small wooden wheels help them travel.

DIY Details : forobricolaje.facilisimo

28. Wood Crate Shoe Shelves

Wood Crate Shoe Shelves

This wooden crate wall shelf goes as vivid as possible with the repurposed pretties. You have got crates installed in different colors, orientations and sizes on one single wall, holding the family’s shoe collection in style.

DIY Details : theverden.blogspot

29. DIY Distressed Nautical Crate

DIY Distressed Nautical Crate

Get the beach indoors with this distressed finish nautical storage crate, flaunting a lovely painted anchor on one side. You need an old crate, some craft paint, foam brush, anchor stencil, twine and glue gun.

DIY Details : thegirlcreative

30. DIY Crate and Pipe Industrial Table

DIY Crate and Pipe Industrial Table

Those metal pipes surely steal the credit of bringing in the industrial appeal to this piece of furniture. Some clever copper piping works up for the legs and the base for the crate in the table, taking the show with the piece’s matte finish.

DIY Details : brepurposed.porch

31. Thomas The Train Storage Crate

Thomas The Train Storage Crate

The legendary Thomas the Train is quite a favorite of the kids and adults alike. How about turning it into a cute storage for the kid’s room? It’s all about arranging two wooden crates and some wood circles in a specific style.

DIY Details : acmoore

Whether you want to add some greenery to the porch, looking out to work up a decorative mantel, make unique centerpieces or wall shelves – these DIY wood crate projects won’t disappoint you at all!

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