15 Garden Tool Storage Hacks Keeping your Love For Gardening Well-Organized!

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Everyone who is fond of gardening is undoubtedly, familiar with that huge list of tools it comes with. And often it gets a hassle to store the tools properly, making them end up falling all over the place in one corner of the yard or the garage. However, these garden tool storage ideas will help you keep each and every one of those equipments well-managed and easy to reach!

15 Garden Tool Storage Hacks

1. Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

A wooden pallet can work quite like a miracle to help you store all your garden tools by letting you build a vertical shelf that’s one of its kind. The fact that most of us have already got a few pallet boards hanging around the garage or the store room, as well as the ease of availability of such boards for almost no cost makes the project even more budget-friendly. The handful of supplies you are going to need to work up the storage is a wooden pallet, a hammer, a pry bar, some heavy duty screws or framing nails, a nice wood stain, and a weatherproofing sealant to make sure the thing lasts for years to come withstanding the harsh effects of changing weather.

This inspiration shared by Fabulessly Frugal attaches the pallet storage to the fence of the yard, but you can also adhere the same to the back of the house or a tool shed. However, a key point to remember is to install the shelf at least a few inches up off the ground to make sure that any leaves, water, or other debris doesn’t get all piled up in the bottom of the pallet.

Idea Details : fabulesslyfrugal

2. DIY Potting Bench with Sink

DIY Potting Bench with Sink

It won’t be an overstatement to call this one no less than a boon for all those who have got gardening as one of their chief passions. And the reason behind stating that is the huge list of features this lovely idea comes with, covering almost all the aspects of gardening, ranging from storage to functionality. To mention a few significant elements of this DIY potting bench, you have got creatively designed shelves to keep some of your pretty plants and pots in style, awesome pegboards to help you hang your gardening tools, an industrial-looking fully-functional sink as well as a hose reel blended into this unique construction.

Lots of pallet wood steals all the credit to achieve this wonderful bench design that comes with ample of storage space underneath to store baskets, watering cans, some gardening clothes, potting soil and much more. Whenever you wish to water the plants or your deck or the whole garden, all you need to do is grab that hose, unroll it and voila! Some bench cleanup holes built into the storage for for excess soil and a cleanup container deserve a special mention.

Idea Details : settingforfour

3. Storing Garden Tools with Style Aka Zombie Wall

Storing Garden Tools with Style Aka Zombie Wall

A rustic looking shed built in one corner of the yard offers one of its walls to double up as an incredible garden tools racks. The key to working up the rack is putting a few basic metal hooks to great use. To personalize the rack and integrate so much more style into the structure at the same time, the below idea shared on Instructables goes for a custom message printed on the storage wall. Once the sentence is printed on a bunch of A4 sheets to accommodate all the letters with their large size, you need to trace the same onto the wall, further using a pencil to transform the stencil.

A black permanent marker or some paint color of your choice would suit best to fill the letters with. Lastly, you affix an antique scythe to the wall, and it’s all done! Oh yes, the message displayed here is surely an uber cool one, stating “In case of zombies, or yard work”, but it’s totally a matter of your whims and choices when it comes to the text.

Idea Details : instructables

4. Garden Tool Racks

Garden Tool Racks

If you are looking out to combine some store-bought storage solutions in a clever fashion and end up in a brand new garden rack with a dose of DIY, this idea is surely going to come to your rescue. Totally minimalistic yet highly purposeful, these racks can work wonders to keep all the garden tools well-organized and of course, out of the way of children because of how they hang the stuff on a considerable height from the ground.

You can store everything, ranging from shovels, hoes, rakes, brooms and much more on these racks – all it takes is to multiply the number of racks you buy, further installing them on the fence or to the back wall of the house. The hooks are a super sturdy solution to tool storage and won’t be even the slightest of trouble to hang all the tools off the floor and totally out of the way. Each of the rack is strong enough to hang about four tools with great ease. The powder coated steel also makes the racks apt for different weathers.

Idea Details : gardeners

5. Tool Supports for Garden Tools

Tool Supports for Garden Tools

Here’s an incredible guide that shows how you can build dedicate supports and storage solutions for different types of garden tools, ranging from small hand-held ones to long-handle tools. You can build a small box with separate tool holders, as well as have got metal rails with suspensions that have clips with non-slip plastic for the insertion of pressure tools,supports for tools hanging from hooks, and a unique construction that features two wooden boards wherein one has through holes and the other comes with blind holes that are connected to each other with rigid plastic pipes inside which you can place all the long-handle tools.

At times, it can get as easy as simply fixing a pallet board vertically to the wall and using it to store your tools. Check out the guide and find out what suits your specific requirements and the kind of tools you want to keep handy, building the right support for the same.

Idea Details : faidateingiardino

6. Garage Organization

Garage Organization

We find this storage wall to display garden tools in style an applause-worthy something – thanks to its clever design that keeps it simple and pleasing to look at, yet comes with the abilities to accommodate almost all kinds of tools. Whether you need to hang those lengthy pipes in a perfectly wrapped up manner, or simply want to have a dedicated rack to store different play-time balls at one single place, this wall-mounted storage rack won’t fail to make its mark.

2 or more wall-mounted strips serve the purpose of attaching metal hooks and holders of a huge variety in place, each of which further works to store the different kinds of gardening tools. And putting the rack together is also not a big deal at all in terms of the design and built. Head to the idea shared by Indulgy to gain a better insight into how the rack can help in a customized storage that joins hands with a marvellous display.

Idea Details : indulgy

7. Hold Everything Pallet Tool Rack

Hold Everything Pallet Tool Rack

Doesn’t the title itself elaborates on the fact that this pallet tool rack can hold each and every garden tool you can think of with great efficiency. Although, it’s built from a large repurposed pallet board, it sports a super fine texture and a nice light-hued stain job that also provides a lovely pop of color to the storage solution, helping it match a vibrant as well as a neutral wall color scheme just perfect.

The board features a complete range of shelves and hooks of different types and sizes in order to meet specific garden tools, keeping in mind their weight, dimensions and of course, structure. Another amazing thing about this Hold Everything rack is that it clubs similar tools at same spots so that you are not only highly organized but also never have to struggle to grab the exact tool you are looking for. Check out the rack by heading to the below link shared by Recyclart. Surely, this rack is as beautiful as its functional!

Idea Details : recyclart

8. DIY Garden Tool Rack

DIY Garden Tool Rack

No matter how hard it may seem to build a whole rack to store complicated, large-size garden tools right from the very scratch, this Instructable is going to make it all a true piece of cake for you. The basic foundation for this beautiful rack is the offcuts from the framework of a shed and its standard studwork timber, while you are also going to need a little patience and a bunch of basic construction tools to accomplish the project.

You will need a spade bit, a pillar drill, a compound mitre saw, some sandpaper, a nice wood stain or a finish in your choice, a square, a centre punch, and a pencil or marking knife to get started. You begin by marking up the board and making the necessary drills and cuts. Further, when you have brightened up the board with a vibrant hue, you are all set to finish it up by mounting onto the wall. Here, the rack is actually attached to the garden shed with the help of a simple screwing. Learn the detailed steps by heading to the tutorial.

Idea Details : instructables

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