15 Garden Tool Storage Hacks Keeping your Love For Gardening Well-Organized!

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Everyone who is fond of gardening is undoubtedly, familiar with that huge list of tools it comes with. And often it gets a hassle to store the tools properly, making them end up falling all over the place in one corner of the yard or the garage. However, these garden tool storage ideas will help you keep each and every one of those equipments well-managed and easy to reach!

9. Recycled Coat Hangers

Recycled Coat Hangers

Who said that those coat hangers were only limited to the entryway wall and serve the purposing of holding hats, coats and scarves? Instead, this storage solution has got so much more to itself when it comes to recycling it and whipping up a cool garden tool storage with just a handful of steps and a touch of innovation. A few coat racks are installed on the wall at different heights according to what kind of item storage you dedicate each of them to. The chic system offers personalized solutions to get all those garden tools and materials off your garage floor and out of your way, while still keeping them within an easy reach.

From tiny tools to the long handle ones, or even your gardening gloves, a large range of tools would easily fit these recycled coat hangers. It’s amazing how a few strips of scrap wood having some old hooks or knobs placed along the wall can get it all done. 1001 Gardens shares the link to how the coat hangers can be transformed into garden tool storage, and we bet you would want to take a look.

Idea Details : 1001gardens

10. A Shelf Revisited

A Shelf Revisited

No one can figure out that this gorgeous and uber cool storage was once a standing shelf that’s been turned into a brand new garden tool home. The key is to turn the shelf horizontal and remove the drawers, ending up in a storage box with smaller divided sections. Just dedicate each of the sections to a specific type of tool list and you would already be well-organized with your garden-managing affairs. Apart from featuring an organized design, this repurposed shelf also sports a super sporty color scheme of red and white.

While red goes for the solid base, white has been used to work up thick contrasting stripes on the upper half of the shelf. You must check out the idea shared by 1001Gardens in this incredible list of theirs, further directing you to all you need to know about working up your very own versions to the shelf. For an extra portability that allows you to move the shelf between the house and the yard, it would be a good hack to add tiny wheels to the bottom of the shelf.

Idea Details : 1001gardens

11. Easy DIY Garden Tool Storage Rack

Easy DIY Garden Tool Storage Rack

When it comes to storing or organizing garden tools, those heavy duty power equipments often tend to fail to grab a convenient spot. What one needs in such a scenario is this innovative wall-mounted garden tool storage rack that will effortlessly pick up those tools off the garage floor or one corner of the yard and hang them on the wall in style. Right from the leaf blower to the string trimmer and so much more, this one not only lets you hang the devices in place, but also offers handy shelves for other stuff, including the battery chargers, the basic safety gear and a few extra string reels.

You are going to need some wooden cut boards, a plywood or MDF, a melamine shelf, a countersink drill bit, drill bit, some wood screws, some right angle brackets, a few bicycle hooks, and a stud finder to construct the chic rack at home. The below tutorial by The Handy Man’s Daughter guides you through each and every step of the process with detailed visual instructions. We must mention that the rack leaves enough wall-space underneath.

Idea Details : thehandymansdaughter

12. An Organized Garden Shed

An Organized Garden Shed

Here’s how you can revamp the whole garden shed from drab to fab and give it a new life! And the makeover also provides for some amazing storage provisions and displays for all your garden tools and supplies. The chief element for the storage is a large pegboard that’s customized with a painted pattern worked up with the help of some stencils. Lots of 2×4 studs and plywood walls help to revamp the shed, letting you screw hooks into the wall studs and string twine between each hook to hold tall yard tools.

Some old wire shelves added to the storage, while weed trimmers and leaf blowers have got pieces of wood screwed between two studs. The pegboard and shelves can hang or hold seed spreaders, sprinklers, watering cans and garden caddies. Acrylic organizers attached to the peg boards hold some nitty gritty supplies, having tiny labels make it easy to find what’s stored where. The extra touches of finesse come with clean-up buckets and plastic rolling carts. The above features already are amazing enough, but this inspiration by I Heart Organizing adds a bunch of tiny tool storage solutions throughout the shed.

Idea Details : iheartorganizing

13. Organizing Garden Tools with a Repurposed Rake

Organizing Garden Tools with a Repurposed Rake

Being one of the most common gardening tools that it is, a rake has got some hidden talents that work great for a unique storage solution. That metallic rake that’s perhaps, lying down in the garden as it has already lost its handle and seems to be of no good use anymore can help you construct a wonderful organizer for displaying and keeping your garden tools. All it takes is to hang it on the wall it will instantly turn out to be a super functional place to hang a bunch of tools. You will need to mount the rake head on the wall and the metal tines featured by the piece will work as hooks to let you hang small tools.

This idea by Anderson And Grant keeps the rusty texture of the rake win the arrangement, but if you are more of a color-loving person, it is going to look absolutely amazing with a splash of a bright paint. Make a note that you need not throw away an old broken rake ever – instead disguise it into something hugely useful, that too with just a few tweaks and steps.

Idea Details : andersonandgrant

14. Turn an Old Barbecue Grill into a Mobile Garden Tool Caddy!

Turn an Old Barbecue Grill into a Mobile Garden Tool Caddy!

Taking a look at the picture, is it even possible to figure out that this piece of incredible storage was actually a barbecue grill once? All about upcycling and repurposing, the caddy is worked up by making a few alterations to the grill. And the end results offer an ideal solution to store all the long gardening tools in a perfectly standing position by drilling holes into the side food preparing shelves.

A rectangular particle board works as the base for the whole setup, while the central area where the grill used to be is replaced by a large 32 gallon trash can. The below Pin shows the mobile garden tool caddy in function, and also explains the key points that went into the making of the project. Simply roll the caddy and carry it around the garden, making it oh so effortless to reach for different tools while you are at work, also making sure you don’t have to worry about handling all the trash later.

Idea Details : pin.it

15. Garden Tool Turned Into Storage

Garden Tool Turned Into Storage

There surely can’t be anything more compact yet purposeful as the last idea on this list. And the most clever part about this storage solution is that you employ a garden tool itself as an all new garden tool storage. Put that old, otherwise waste steel rake to use to get the organizations going, letting its needles hold all your hand tools for the garden.

Speaking of the presentation, the rake going to look as amazing when painted in a bright hue as it looks when left all natural for a rustic touch. Use an old steel rake to organize your hand tools. Hang the rake on the fence or the outside of the garden shed, and the storage solution gets all set already. In the below Pin, the rake flaunts a charming texture with the rusty iron it comes with.

Idea Details : pinterest

Right from all the hand tools to the ones with long dowels attached to them, the above garden tool storage ideas can keep them all in a perfectly-managed spot that more or less also looks like a beautiful tool display!

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