30 Kids Room Organization Ideas Stretching From Toys to Nitty-Gritty School Supplies!

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Managing the kids room is a task that engages you for quite a great deal of time, that too almost every single day. Yet, nothing ever seems to be on place when the kiddos have already spent a few hours at home. What you need is to get your hands on these 30 incredible kids room organization ideas that have got all that kid’s stuff organized.

21. A Fancy Bird’s Nest

A Fancy Bird’s Nest

The kid’s room is often loaded with a bunch of stuffed toys that the kiddos no longer play with, but they are too cute to discard. Why not create a unique display for those toys, inspired by this gorgeous Bird’s Nest storage that puts lots of net fabric to use. And the fact this it’s entirely fabric that goes into the making, the display is surprisingly inexpensive, calling for some yards of tulle, a few wire hooks, a nice ribbon, a few rubber bands, and a pair of scissors. You just need to pinch the fabric on both the ends once you have figured out the required size of the nest, further wrapping a rubber band around each of the ends. A ribbon bow covering the rubber bands completes the look.

Idea Details : shadytreediary

22. Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

The Tomlisons from The Keeper of the Cheerios built a miniature zoo at home, storing all the stuffed animals in the kid’s room in an unconventional fashion. The frame is built out of some pre-primed white wooden boards, while the back of the unit is attached to a large sheet of pre-primed Masonite. The bars for the zoo are cut out from a roll of black bungee and screwed onto the frame, while some extra finish is brought with a base board molding attached to the outside of the frame. The plaque flaunting the zoo name is a sheet of wood painted in bright white, further charmed up with your kiddo’s name, the word zoo and a few colorful embellishments.

Idea Details : thekeeperofthecheerios

23. How to Clean and Organize your Kid’s Room

How to Clean and Organize your Kid’s Room


This guide by Lynnae McCoy explains that the key to decluttering your child’s room and going for some organization actually begins with finding the root cause of that mess. The next essential is to analyse your kiddo’s in terms of what they need and what they are ready to let go of. Giving away a few things, throwing away some and putting away some is what you need to follow when it comes to getting the space decluttered – whether it’s the toys, the school supplies or the clothes. Once the items that the child doesn’t need are gone from the room, the real organization comes into play. Employ loads of open bins, small baskets and lovely labels for a clever organizing of the space, making sure you figure out a regular maintenance routine.

Idea Details : lynnaemccoy

24. Managing Toy Organization without a Playroom

Managing Toy Organization without a Playroom

Of course, those toys falling all over the place don’t really look like a mess when you have got a dedicated playroom. But, if your kid’s room only doubles up as the child’s play space, then it becomes super significant to keep everything well-managed to avoid the space turning into an awful sight. This 8 cube organizer the author grabbed from Walmart is going to get everything not only organized, but organized with great style. The weathered wood finish of the storage works as the cherry on the cake, but the organizer comes in a whole bundle of other finishes, so you can go for whatever suits your space just perfect. Keep it in the room’s corner, and voila!

Idea Details : makinghomebase

25. DIY Kids Book Bin

DIY Kids Book Bin

What a sweet book bin lined with a gorgeous patterned paper on the inside that adds the perfect accent to the structure, and it’s easily removable nature makes it a hassle-free option to go for. Beautiful wooden legs with golden ends hold the bin with utmost grace, while the white-hue of the storage compliments the paper inside just like magic. To construct the book bin all by yourself, you are going to need a few pieces of wood, some measuring tape, a saw, a drill and some drill bits, removable wallpaper in your choice of print, some paint, a Painter’s tape, and some furniture legs. The bin has been divided into three smaller sections for a better management.

Idea Details : thislittlestreet

26. Easy Curtain Shelf

Easy Curtain Shelf

You definitely, wouldn’t have imagined that even that little vertical space right between the curtain rod and the ceiling can be very innovatively used as a wonderful storage solution. 3 simple supplies, including 2 brackets or corbels thick enough to drill a large hole through for your rod, wood dowel a bit wider than your window, and a shelf same width as your dowel. The key to putting together one the coolest kids room organization hacks is to hang the corbels on the wall, installing the dowel holding the curtains into the holes of the corbels, lastly, placing the shelf on top. A few little screws can always come handy in securing the shelf to the brackets. Check out the details in the below link.

Idea Details : whiletheysnooze

27. Animal Topped Mason Jars

Animal Topped Mason Jars

All those nitty-gritty items ranging from that pile of colorful hair clips your little one has got to crayons, random craft supplies to sweet little treats are going to find perfect place of storage disguised as adorably decorated mason jars. What the jars are adorned with are mini animal figures that are glued to the top of the lid, further brightening up the figurine as well as the lid with a lovely splash of spray paint in your favorite hues. The author here picks up lovely pastel colors for painting the cute horses, while going for bright colors for the zoo animals. But you can always make your very own color scheme for the project – candy shades or neons would look equally pretty.

Idea Details : masonjarcraftslove

28. The Art Cart

The Art Cart

Does the titles need any more explanations to tell what’s all this uber cool storage solution all about? Housing just about anything and everything that you little Picasso may require for art projects, innovative crafts or even making the most stunning of painting, this multi-shelf cart is a dream come true for all art lovers. Glue, scissors, pipe cleaners and paper… it’s all there. All those crayons, pencils, sketch pens, glue, decorative craft embellishments, some art and craft books, a whole spectrum of papers, scissors, and supplies as out-of-the-box as pipe cleaners grab a spot for themselves in the cart having smaller sections, bins or containers for each kind of item. Even the containers are made craft-appropriate by covering them in colorful printed tape.

Idea Details : suburble

29. Right Heights Crate Shelves

Right Heights Crate Shelves

Quite often, storage drawers or shelves installed in the room don’t go perfectly right with the heights of the kiddos, especially if you have really young kids at home. These out-of-the-box shelves crafted with wooden crates hang at the absolute right height to keep the stuff stored inside within very easy reach of the kids. The careful installation of the shelves on suitable height makes it as easy to keep the stuff back as it’s to pull things out. The things simply slip in the moment the kiddo drops them into the crates. What goes for keeping the shelves properly attached to the wall is screwing them into studs. Head to the below quick inspiration by BHG to learn more about the shelves.

Idea Details : bhg

30. DIY Kids Homework Hideaway Wall Desk

DIY Kids Homework Hideaway Wall Desk

Integrate an incredibly space-saving dose of functionality into storage – all with a totally do-it-yourself wall desk. And not just any wall desk, this one has got it’s table folding upwards as and when required, while also folding the legs of the desk in way that makes the close piece of furniture look like a decorative cabinet adorned with a chalkboard on the front. Behind the folded desk, you hide a truly chic storage solution with seven smaller shelves. What all you are going to need is a few pieces of pine, a pegboard, some piano hinges, a Sash window lock, some cans of paint, two decorative legs liquid nail, some panel nails, a sheet of rock screws, and a hinge to make the homework hideaway desk.

Idea Details : organizedmom

Put all those wax crayons in glass storage containers specially designed for the kids, or simply craft a whole little zoo that is actually a home-crafted storage space housing all the stuffed toys. The aforesaid kids room organization ideas are pure genius when it comes to saying goodbye to mess.

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