20 Super Cool Camping Hacks Making Your Trips Hassle-Free and Fun!

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At times, when you need a little break from the daily hustle and bustle of life, nothing can work better than spending a few days close to the nature on a memorable camping trips. However, at the same time, to make the trips successful, you need easy solutions to preparing your food, to store your supplies as well as handle the kids. And that’s where these 20 Super Cool Camping Hacks come to the rescue!

Super Cool Camping Hacks

1. Camping Survival Kit and Tips

Camping Survival Kit and Tips

Here’s your one-stop destination to just about everything you need to make your camping a hit – a basket that stores stuff ranging from a fly swatter and dish soap to sanitizers, face wipes, aloe vera gels and hand towels.

DIY Details : thebensonstreet

2. Camping Fire Starters

amping Fire Starters

Transform a muffin tin with paper cupcake wrappers into fire starters by placing a thin wood disc at its bottom, topping it with a pile of dryer lint and crayon pieces. Put it in the oven and add a wick while it’s still hot.

DIY Details : dukesandduchesses

3. DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

What can be better than chilling under the stars savoring delicious toasted marshmallows? These DIY marshmallow roasting sticks with extra-long handles are here to make make it a super easy task to roast them in the bonfire.

DIY Details : iheartnaptime

4. Rolled Camp Kitchen Organizer

Rolled Camp Kitchen Organizer

Keep all your cookies supplies handy, easily reachable and perfectly managed with a rolled camp kitchen organizer sporting a bunch of pockets and straps. Outdoor canvas and vinyl goes for the making.

DIY Details : todayscreativelife

5. Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Who needs to be troubled with painful mosquito bites at camping when you have got this homemade bug spray around? Totally natural and nontoxic, it consists of vegetable glycerine, Witch Hazel or Vodka, and essential oils for fragrance.

DIY Details : survivingthestores

6. S’Mores in a Bag

SMores in a Bag

Grab your choice of cookies, Nilla wafers, graham crackers, or fudge stripes in a bag, and all you need to do is throw in some chocolate and roasted marshmallows into the bag, further mixing it all up!

DIY Details : agirlandagluegun

7. Turn Headlamp into a Lantern

Turn Headlamp into a Lantern

Forget store-bought flashlights – instead go for this super convenient one-of-a-kind lantern boasting an ergonomic handle built by filling a translucent jug with water and tying a headlamp strap around the jug.

DIY Details : creativegreenliving

8. Baby Food Container Matchbox

Baby Food Container Matchbox

Adorable is the word for these little match containers perfect for storing strike anywhere matches. Lovely mason jars are equipped with a sheet of black sandpaper attached to the lid to light the matchsticks.

DIY Details : craftaholicsanonymous

9. Eggs-tra Special Campfire Starter

Eggs-tra Special Campfire Starter

Craft a unique campfire starter using some charcoal and a cardboard egg carton, that too in a super budget-friendly fashion. Lighting it up is so easy – simply put the egg carton on fire and watch the charcoal burn in a jiffy.

DIY Details : sewmanyways

10. Camp Fire Food – Fruit and S’more Cones

Camp Fire Food - Fruit and S'more Cones

Juicy berries, fruit slices, mini marshmallows, rich chocolate chips and crispy waffle – everything about this Camp Fire Cone is worth falling in love with! They are wrapped in aluminium foil and laid on fire to yield a gooey treat.

DIY Details : kidsactivitiesblog

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