20 Super Cool Camping Hacks Making Your Trips Hassle-Free and Fun!

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At times, when you need a little break from the daily hustle and bustle of life, nothing can work better than spending a few days close to the nature on a memorable camping trips. However, at the same time, to make the trips successful, you need easy solutions to preparing your food, to store your supplies as well as handle the kids. And that’s where these 20 Super Cool Camping Hacks come to the rescue!

11. Camping Style Crescent Rolls

Camping Style Crescent Rolls

Integrate some delectable calories into your campfire moments with these yummilicious crescent rolls braided around a Y-shaped stick that reduces the cooking time, while roasting the rolls evenly throughout.

DIY Details : instructables

12. DIY Fire Starters

DIY Fire Starters

Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls, instead repurpose them into handy starters for your campfire. The key is to gather lots of dryer lint and insert it into the empty roll. Simply light the lint and voila!

DIY Details : pin.it

13. Plastic Silverware Organizing Idea

Plastic Silverware Organizing Idea

Who said little plastic pencil cases have to be limited to nitty-gritty stationery supplies? They can make great easy-to-carry containers for your knives, spoons, forks and other cutlery you carry to the camp.

DIY Details : sunnysimplelife

14. DIY Emergency Toilet

DIY Emergency Toilet

It can be a huge menace when the kiddos need to go to the restroom at unexpected moments. Comes to your rescue, a DIY emergency toilet built with a toilet seat, bucket, bag of scoopable kitty litter, toilet paper, and garbage bags.

DIY Details : momwithaprep

15. Easy Camping Activity Bags

Easy Camping Activity Bags

These ‘busy bags’ are all you need to organize those craft or activity supplies that you carry to the trip. Dedicate each of the bags to a specific set of supplies – colors, craft tools, beads, ribbons and whatever your kiddos need!

DIY Details : creativecapitalb

16. Candle Stakes

Candle Stakes

Bring in a dose of bright light to your camp with loads of candles standing tall around the tent. What makes that happen is long candle stakes made with craft dowels inserted into the ground, having the candles stuck atop the dowel.

DIY Details : asubtlerevelry

17. Camping Shower!

Camping Shower

To build this camping shower out of scratch, all you need is a rectangular water jug, braided poly rope, garden watering can, chain shackle, unscrewable chain link, Gorilla tape, glue, pliers, scissors, piece of wood and butane torch.

DIY Details : instructables

18. DIY Soap Pouch

DIY Soap Pouch

A single towel, when cut and sewed into little pouches can house so many soap bars, while making it easy to carry them on the trip. It’s amazing how you can use the pouch even after using the soap.

DIY Details : whimsy-love

19. DIY Camping Grills

DIY Camping Grills

You don’t need to spend too much on purchasing camping grills as you can make your very own versions of the same, using things as basic as tin cans. Cut two-inch strips down the sides of the can, line with foil, further adding charcoal and a rack.

DIY Details : dianthomas

20. Outdoor Drink Holder

Outdoor Drink Holder

These stunning drink holders are nothing but tin cans wrapped in colorful patterned fabric, having a threaded rod attached to the bottom of the can with its other end driven into the ground.

DIY Details : positivelysplendid

All of the aforesaid hacks if put together, are surely going to let you make the most of your camping trips. Whether it’s cooking on the go, or simply carrying your stuff with much more convenience, these camping hacks have got you covered!

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