20 Innovative Outdoor Cooler Ideas Keeping Your Beverages Refreshingly Chilled

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Can spending time on the patio in the summers, or simply planning an outdoor party with friends be complete without a few amazing chilled drinks adding a dash of freshness to the moment? What you need to keep your beverages cool and cherishing is an outdoor drink cooler. So, let’s get going to build one with your own personalized touch with these 20 Innovative Outdoor Cooler Ideas.

Outdoor Cooler Ideas

1. Old Fridge to Rustic Cooler

Old Fridge to Rustic Cooler

Boasting two different-sized compartments, this DIY cooler is a matter of adorning an old fridge with wooden pallets to bring out a rustic essence. Decide which compartment to use, depending on the size of your gathering!

DIY Details : diyprojects.ideas2live4

2. Outdoor Cooler From Scratch

Outdoor Cooler From Scratch

Constructing an outdoor cooler from the very scratch is definitely a great idea if you have got good woodworking skills. This thing of beauty by with its sliding lid and appropriate storage is simply awe-inspiring.

DIY Details : pin.it

3. Patio Cooler Stand


Patio Cooler Stand

The credit to this compact structure and great functionality goes to a 48 quart bar beverage cooler by Igloo, having its top mounted within the lid of the cedar decking patio cooler stand. You’ve also got a bottle opener and cap catcher!

DIY Details : lumberjocks

4. Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Splendorous creativity is another name for a drink stand built out of a vintage broken chair. An ice-loaded galvanized bucket with rope handles goes into the seat hole, while a chalkboard sign makes it even cuter.

DIY Details : ohmy-creative

5. Flower Box Turned Cooler

Flower Box Turned Cooler

Bring to life a backyard cooler that ditches the idea of stuffing a flower box with colorful plants, and goes for loads of ice and beverage bottles instead. A totally stylish and chic way to serve the party.

DIY Details : thetreschic

6. Wine Barrel of Fun

Wine Barrel of Fun

A reclaimed wine barrel ice chest housing drinks is going to be the perfect handy addition to your patio. Work out a hinged door on the top and use a sawhorse as the barrel stand, and voila!

DIY Details : bobvila

7. Wood Cooler Construction Plan

Wood Cooler Construction Plan

An ice chest, a mini counter and storage drawers – this DIY cooler has got you covered. Get your hands on the easy-to-follow woodworking plans for constructing the wooden cooler box with repurposed pallets.

DIY Details : loving21bbt

8. Build A Rustic Cooler Box

Build A Rustic Cooler Box

Are store-bought outdoor coolers with super vibrant color schemes don’t seem to gel up with your patio decor? Comes to rescue, this handmade pallet cooler box with a worn out rustic appeal taking the cake.

DIY Details : diyjoy

9. Build A Wood Deck Cooler

Build A Wood Deck Cooler

That chalkboard on the inside of the lid rightly complements the minimalist rustic structure of the wood deck cooler box built with boards and a plastic cooler. It’s coated in dark stains with a dash of red paint.

DIY Details : foxhollowcottage

10. Picnic Table Cooler

Picnic Table Cooler

Remove the middle slats of a picnic table, installing a rain gutter section in the cavity, and it’s all set to stuff with ice and drinks. The benches on the side keep the beverages within a super easy reach.

DIY Details : pin.it

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