20 Innovative Outdoor Cooler Ideas Keeping Your Beverages Refreshingly Chilled

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Can spending time on the patio in the summers, or simply planning an outdoor party with friends be complete without a few amazing chilled drinks adding a dash of freshness to the moment? What you need to keep your beverages cool and cherishing is an outdoor drink cooler. So, let’s get going to build one with your own personalized touch with these 20 Innovative Outdoor Cooler Ideas.

11. Patio Table with Built-in Ice Boxes

Patio Table with Built-in Ice Boxes

Douglas fir boards put together with two ice boxes as the foundation end up in the stunning patio table. Interior oil based wood stain and water-based spar urethane go for the finishing touches.

DIY Details : remodelaholic

12. Side Table Beverage Station

Side Table Beverage Station

Amazed by this out-of-the-box farmhouse drink station, you’ll start looking at side tables in a totally different light. Store the drinks at the bottom shelves, letting them chill in the basket installed on top.

DIY Details : thecottagemarket

13. Bottle Cap Decorated Cooler

Bottle Cap Decorated Cooler

What a beautiful yet edgy example of Best Out of Waste is this bright blue beverage cooler decorated with lots of colorful bottle caps. A little shelf on the side adds an extra convenience to the piece.

DIY Details : ana-white

14. Pirate Chest Beer Cooler

Pirate Chest Beer Cooler

Get your choice of plastic ice cooler and transform it into a pirate chest beer cooler by building a base box around it, further clubbing it with a stunning curved lid, decorative banding and antique handles.

DIY Details : instructables

15. DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

DIY Concrete Beverage Cooler

Fantastic and oh so durable – after all it’s concrete that goes into the construction of this beverage cooler using a 5 gallon bucket. And it’s charmed with rope handles and a bottom tap for melted ice drainage.

DIY Details : hometalk

16. Dresser Ice Chest Cooler

Dresser Ice Chest Cooler

Upcycling comes to play yet again with this inspiration by Bloglovin to build a super chic ice chest cooler from an old dresser. The stenciled Ice Cold Beer, a bottle opener and a side counter are just perfect.

DIY Details : bloglovin

17. Patio Cooler and Grill Cart Combo

Your one-stop destination to all the party drinks and everything you need to prepare yummy barbecued food – this custom-built structure combines a patio cooler with a grill cart holding your BBQ accessories.

DIY Source : Fix This Build That

18. Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Drink Cooler

Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Drink Cooler

If there isn’t enough space on your patio to go for a large dining table, go for this 2-in-1 prettiness that integrates a drink cooler into a coffee table with utmost elegance. The table is designed around the center storage box.

DIY Details : remodelaholic

19. Sewing Table Turned Cooler

Sewing Table Turned Cooler

Turn an ordinary sewing table into an extraordinary party-perfect outdoor cooler with a splash of bright paint and a roasting pan installed in the cavity for storing ice and drinks. The lid works as a serving cart when open.

DIY Details : sweetcsdesigns

20. Multi-Functional Portable Cooler

Multi-Functional Portable Cooler

Vibrance is what this yellow and pink portable cooler with wheels is all about! Not to forget, it’s a multi-functional piece – once you put the lid on, it magically turns into a lovely coffee table for the patio.

DIY Details : homedepot

Not only does a nice and handy outdoor cooler enhance the style element of your patio, but also makes those summer gatherings a lot more convenient. And, building one all by yourself with the above Outdoor Cooler Ideas cuts on the cost otherwise spent on a store-bought piece.

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