30 Outdoor Crafts and Activities for Kids Letting the Budding Talents Pop Up!

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Isn’t making the most of the summer holidays all about indulging in loads of outdoor games, activities and craft projects? After all, those soothing sunny days deserve some playtime in the yard. If you can’t figure out how to keep the little ones busy with creativity blended into games, here are 30 Outdoor Crafts and Activities for Kids that will surely delight you!

Outdoor Crafts and Activities for Kids

1. DIY Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

DIY Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

Taking inspirations from patterned insects, this tic-tac-toe combines the classic game with artsy-craftsy coolness by painting little stones as ladybugs.

DIY Details : lovethispic

2. Leaf Rubbing Activity

Leaf Rubbing Activity

Rubbing pencil colors on a paper with a leaf underneath gives a splendid insight into the science of plants, while celebrating your kiddos love for art.

DIY Details : kcedventures

3. Colander Wind chime

Colander Wind chime

Apart from colorful beads and ornaments, this masterpiece of a wind chime made with a colander also flaunts some kitchen knives and forks.

DIY Details : thetaoofdana

4. Nature Paintbrushes

Nature Paintbrushes

Turn pretty pieces of nature, including feathers, leaves or flowers to unique brushes by attaching them to thin sticks using rubber bands.

DIY Details : messylittlemonster

5. Pet Rocks and Pet Rock Homes

Pet Rocks and Pet Rock Homes

These winsome pets are actually garden rocks treated with tempera paint, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, while berry baskets form their homes.

DIY Details : buggyandbuddy

6. Beaded Wind Chime

Beaded Wind Chime

Kiddos would love to recreate heartwarming wind chime boasting assorted beads and charms with bells at the ends, all hung by a wooden dowel on top.

DIY Details : gardentherapy

7. Erupting Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Erupting Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

What’s better than chalk paint? Thanks to baking soda going into the recipe, it’s erupting chalk paint turning scribbles into an embossed art.

DIY Details : learnplayimagine

8. Magic Scented Foaming Paint

Magic Scented Foaming Paint

Witness magic when you add Koolaid into tempera paints! The acids in Koolaid react with chalk in the paints to form foamy, lemonade-scented colors.

DIY Details : two-daloo

9. Shaving Cream Foam Sand

Shaving Cream Foam Sand

A can of shaving cream and lots of play sand when combined together, yield hours of playtime by ending up in kinetic sand you can mold into different shapes.

DIY Details : onelittleproject

10. Sidewalk Egg Crack Painting

Sidewalk Egg Crack Painting

Who wouldn’t love tossing egg shells filled with liquid sidewalk chalk at the pavement, watching those colorful splatters paint the street.

DIY Details : growingajeweledrose

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