15 Fabulous Outdoor Shower Ideas Letting You Cherish a Comforting Open-Air Bath!

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Doesn’t the idea of treating yourself with a refreshing, comforting shower out in the open seem oh so tempting? That bathing-under-a-waterfall feeling right in your home is surely luxurious and fun-filled. While getting an outdoor shower professionally installed might be a costly affair, you can always construct one all by yourself, blending it with lots of decor elements and a variety of appeals. Cherishing the cold air at its best comes just perfect with these 15 Fabulous Outdoor Shower Ideas!

Outdoor Shower Ideas

1. Splash Out on an Outdoor Shower


Splash Out on an Outdoor Shower

The first and foremost essential for the installation of a gorgeous outdoor shower is to be well-aware of the basics – the components, what all you need to assemble it, the plumbing, the best place to install one, and the styling options. This guide by The Guardian has you covered to get it all done!

DIY Details : theguardian

2. Leech Lake Outdoor Shower

Leech Lake Outdoor Shower

Those metal screens installed between the rustic wooden frames bring out an industrial appeal to this breezy open-at-eye-level outdoor shower, adorned with a huge overhead lighting at the top. Everything about this backyard shower one is meant to get a super chic addition to your home, specially when installed on that stoned-wall matching its color scheme.

DIY Details : bloglovin

3. Reclaimed Surfboard Outdoor Shower

Reclaimed Surfboard Outdoor Shower

Transform your yard into a mini-beach with a stunning outdoor shower that has got a colorful reclaimed surfboard as its foundation. That one-of-a-kind decoration on the board sports a vibrant mosaic, while the easy-to-use easy plug and spray calls only for hooking it up to a garden hose for an immediate functioning shower.

DIY Details : willandjane

4. Mediterranean Outdoor Shower

Mediterranean Outdoor Shower

Absolute earthiness sported by those stone walls providing privacy to this outdoor shower takes you back to the stone age era! Connecting the space with the master bedroom of the house, the shower has been charmed up with a few planters and a minimalist shower head in a contrasting shade. Throw in a stool for added comfort.

DIY Details : hgtv

5. Open Outdoor Shower

Open Outdoor Shower

Such a delightful little summer escape with a huge marble tile surrounded by lots and lots of pebbles going for the flooring! It gives the impression of a fully exposed shower space that goes well with the premises, but you can always add a few curtains for privacy. And the black backdrop is the sureshot star element.

DIY Details : pin

6. Spa-Themed Outdoor Shower

Spa-Themed Outdoor Shower

The moment you step into this shower, the overall decor would make you feel like you have stepped into luxurious spa. All credits to that comfortable walking surface lined with little pebbles, a slatted ceiling adorned with creepers, a huge planter installed on the side and that shower-head with a unique flower-like shape.

DIY Details : aquietcottagelife

7. Summer Paradise Shower

Summer Paradise Shower

What takes your breath away is the dark grey wooden scheme of this outdoor rinsing station set up against the wall of the house. Lots of wooden pallets or boards go into the construction of this quite elegant shower space, which has been left open from the top, and even features a built-in mini-shelf to hold the bathing products.

DIY Details : skonahem

8. Wooden Shutters

Wooden Shutters

Having the white-tiled wall of the house as one of the sides holding the shower head and all the plumbing in place, this outdoor shower has been enclosed with gorgeous white wooden shutters from the other three. The much needed pop is brought by the thick wooden slat floor that combines the idea of modern with rustic just perfect.

DIY Details : stylemepretty

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