25 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas For Girls

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Setting a kind of a benchmark in a teenager's life, the 16th birthday is always one of the most special ones. And that's what makes it rightly called as the Sweet Sixteen, specially when it comes to all the pretty little ladies. Undoubtedly, a special day deserves a special celebration, calling for a unique theme, one-of-a-kind decoration, great location, and of course, delectable treats and a showstopper of a cake. However, achieving all of the mentioned seems to be quite a complicated task worth heaps of dollars. But, these 25 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas for Girls will make the event a day to remember with utmost ease, that too in a budget-friendly affair!

25 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas For Girls

1. DIY Photo Booth

How can a girl party be complete without clicking loads and loads of pictures with friends? This calls for a lovely photo booth that sets the perfect ambiance for some of the most amazing, bright and colorful pictures to make the occasion even more memorable. Build an adorable DIY Photo Booth for your little girl’s birthday celebration just like a child’s play, yet with truly vibrant end results. All you need is some paper ribbons in the color scheme of your choice, scotch tape, a sharpie, scissors and some thread to make your very own photo booth featuring a picture frame to hold in hand in front of a free-flowing ribbon backdrop.

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2. How To Make a Dollar Bill Cake

Although, this one isn’t an edible treat, it won’t fail to bring unbeatable grace to the party when sitting on the center table, replacing cake layers with Styrofoam rings and discs, while using dollar bills for the frosting. Just gather lots of rolled dollar bills, a few metal rings, a bright colored poster board, a Styrofoam ring, a few white discs, a disposable plate, Styrofoam wedges, a dotted pink ribbon, a fluffy tulle ribbon, a few artificial flowers, a decorative tape, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and some plastic rollers, and you are all ready to prepare the stunning Dollar Bill Cake.

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3. Outdoor Movie Party

Outdoor Movie Party

Flaunting gorgeous decor elements with a rustic look and feel brought by wooden pieces, while having a whole bundle of glittery gold accents, here is how you can plan an awesome movie party outdoors putting lots of printables and stationery items to great use for pulling off the theme. Ranging from a lavish snack table with popcorn, mini pies and pie toppers, sandwiches wrapped in newspaper and tied with twine, an adorable striped cake in a combination of black and white, lots of food labels and tags to cute S’mores bars, dessert table and bright movie marquee lights, this one has you covered. And of course, a lovely seating arrangement to enjoy the movie!

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4. DIY Pinata Boxes

DIY Pinata Boxes

What a glorious blend of a gift box and a pinata – perfect for those who just can’t get rid of the pinata for days after the party after smashing it and grabbing the goodies inside! Stuff them with lots of confetti and whatever you want to present to the guests, or in fact, to the birthday girl herself. What you need to put the DIY Pinata Boxes together is white square gift boxes, crepe paper cut into wide strips and fringed with scissors, white craft glue, and a clear tape. The key is to wrap the sides, top and bottom of the boxes with the paper strips, and attach some twine to the back left or right corner.

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5. Homemade Popcorn Bar

Homemade Popcorn Bar

It doesn’t need much explanation to describe what a crowdpleaser can a popcorn bar turn out to be at just about any birthday party, specially if it sports a pretty popcorn bar sign, huge vessels, punch bowls and vases, and takes no more than 30 dollars for the whole snack preparation. The required supplies are a sharp exacto knife, a pair of scissors, wooden dowels, a thin piece of wood, hot glue, thick card-stock and a lovely popcorn bar printable provided in the below guide, along with the detailed steps you need to follow to make the Homemade Popcorn Bar with utmost ease.

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6. DIY Birthday Cake Chandelier

DIY Birthday Cake Chandelier

Who said a birthday cake was only meant to be served on the dinner table, and not to be hung from the ceiling, just like this DIY Birthday Cake Chandelier that works wonders for bringing extra charm to the party? The cake chandelier is nothing but a traditional tiered chandelier flipped upside down, and finally, adorned with some artificial birthday candles. It takes a pair of scissors, an x-acto knife, cardboard, poster-board or card-stock, two shades of fabric, a pencil, a ruler, a glue gun, some pipe cleaners, a few paper straws, tissue paper, some paint, and embroidery thread to recreate this super cute chandelier in no more than 10 steps.

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7. Balloon Straws

Balloon Straws

No matter if it’s the young or the old, balloons are always about happiness. Wouldn’t it delight the little ladies to the core when they are all served with a delicious drink having a paper straw that sports an adorable mini balloon attached? You don’t need more than three supplies, including some water balloons, a balloon pump, and some paper straws to prepare the finished Balloon Straws, all set to dig deep inside a yummy, juicy drink of freshness. What’s great is that it doesn’t take any expert crafting skills to pull off the project, and even the kiddos can help you with this part of the party preparations.

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8. DIY Surprise Message Confetti Poppers

DIY Surprise Message Confetti Poppers

That Sweet Sixteen party surely deserves a big hooray, a Happy Birthday message, or something you want to shout out loud for making the celebration a day to cherish. And, that’s what these DIY Confetti Poppers do just so perfectly well, displaying a surprise message with a blast when you pop them, letting lots of colorful confetti fly around. What you need is a cardboard tube, some fine crepe paper, heavy cotton fabric, a printable Hooray! template in your favorite color, a sewing machine, small dowel, some twine, lots of confetti, a sequin trim or ribbon, a pair of scissors, a double stick tape, and lastly a masking or Artist’s tape.

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9. DIY Sprinkle Paper Bows

DIY Sprinkle Paper Bows

When it comes to birthdays and gifts, how can we simply forget the idea of a gorgeous bow to adorn the gifts even better. These DIY Sprinkle Paper Bows come with an added twist – and integrate lots of colorful sprinkles into a beautiful paper bow. Putting the bows on top of your girl’s birthday party presents or return gifts can add an exceptional cuteness to them, holding lovely plastic bags right in the middle of the bow that in turn, house those vibrant sprinkles. All you need is a printable bow, some colored construction paper, plastic pouches, and of course, lots and lots of sprinkles to assemble the bows in no more than 2 minutes each.

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10. How To Host a Party With Less Than $100

How To Host a Party With Less Than $100

Hosting an amazing birthday party often comes as a deal costing heaps of dollars, and that’s what makes the title a little too good to be true. But, taking a glimpse at this incredible arrangement for a perfect girl birthday party in no more than hundred dollars, it wouldn’t be a problem to organize a grand celebration anymore, even when things are a little short on budget. This one gets it all done in just one day, beginning with beautiful DIY invitations in the form of Starburst candy boxes. You will have a rich dessert table loaded with cakes in jars, gummy bears, chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows, candies, popcorn, cookies and cream and much more!

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