25 Birthday Party Decoration Ideas You Need For A Truly Memorable Celebration

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A wonderful decor not only makes a celebration look even more amazing, but also signifies the spirit of the day, if done with a little touch of innovation. And doesn’t a birthday party call for a theme and decor that goes just well with the mood and whims of the birthday boy or girl? Here are 25 Birthday Party Decoration Ideas You Need For A Truly Memorable Celebration!

14. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Looking like a gloriously blooming flower, tissue paper pom poms are a surprisingly simple craft making everything so much more delicate.Although, you need a little patience to get it all done, the end results are totally worth it!

DIY Details : thoughtfullysimple

15. Floral First Birthday

Floral First Birthday

One never gets too old to adore fragrantly stunning flowers, and that’€™s what makes this floral first birthday a hit – all thanks to those peach and blush roses, eucalyptus and faux garden roses beautifying the cakes, the table and the framed wall!

DIY Details : 12thandwhite

16. Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloons

Multi-colored confetti seems to be a quick reflection of the joy-filled hearts coming together for a memorable birthday celebration, and that’s what makes it a great idea to spread those bright bits around with a burst of this confetti-filled balloon.

DIY Details : pin.it

17. Flag Bunting Tutorial

Flag Bunting Tutorial

An elaborately designed bunting works just like a cherry on the cake signifying the spirit of the occasion right on the wall. All you need is cardstock, scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue, exact-o Knife, pencil, and marker to get it done.

DIY Details : missloviecreations

18. Cue the Confetti!

Cue the Confetti

We bet you wouldn’€™t be able to take your eyes off this party background wall smothered in confetti – While white offers the subtle base, those dots of pink, teal and golden add the glamorous touch of color!

DIY Details : getcreativejuice

19. Big Fringe Garlands

Big Fringe Garlands

Let the whole wall be covered in a huge homemade curtain that has got fringe-cut paper strips, forming the most chic and easy-to-make background for a great party photo session. All it takes is lots of crepe paper, scissors and tape.

DIY Details : ohhappyday

20. Huge Floral Ball

Huge Floral Ball

The first glance at this huge work of art makes it hard to figure-out that its only circle-shaped paper cut-outs, all in different hues of pink inserted into a folded metal wire to form mini-balls, further inserted into a huge styrofoam ball.

DIY Details : beadandcord

21. How To Make Paper Flowers

How To Make Paper Flowers

Who said you need to be connoisseur in crafting to whip up a bundle of realistic flowers with those gorgeously color-coordinated petals creating an extraordinary layered effect, when you have got some tissue paper and scissors.

DIY Details : designeverydayblog

22. Giant Balloon Number DIY

Giant Balloon Number DIY

That oversized number defining the meaning of cuteness on the wall is sure to delight the guests, while being oh so easy to put together with the help of a pencil, gaffer’s tape and of course, lots of balloons blown up to different size to achieve variation.

DIY Details : ohhappyday

23. Pink confetti

Pink confetti

Accent everything around the house with mesmerizing pink beauties, transforming the space into a confetti zone – pink and peach balloons, tassel garlands, and a blend of golden, pink and white for the treats !

DIY Details : 100layercakelet

24. Add Catitude To Balloons

Add Catitude To Balloons

If your little ones simply adore those cute kitties to the core, why not integrate some Catitude to the decor for their birthday parties? And these light pink balloons do just that with those adorable whiskers popping out !

DIY Details : bestfriendsforfrosting

25. Polka Dot Party Hats

Polka Dot Party Hats

Polka Dot Chair offers a set of free printables to put your very own versions of Polka Dot Party Hats together, calling for just a bit of folding and pasting. You need white cardstock, yarn, pom pom maker, scotch tape, elastic thread, hot glue gun, and small hole punch.

DIY Details : polkadotchair

Whether you are hosting a celebration for your little princess, your budding superhero, the love of your life, or simply yourself, one or more of the aforesaid birthday party decoration ideas have got just about anything and everything in store that it takes to make it all a sure-shot hit!

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