25 Old Window Ideas Transforming Those Frames From Odd to Extraordinary!

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Often home renovation projects are accompanied with old window frames going out of purpose or simply being thrown in the junk. But, who would throw those windows away when putting them to a little creativity can yield some of the most gorgeous home decor items, pieces of storage, or even lovely furniture elements? Here are 25 Unconventional Old Window Ideas Transforming Those Frames From Odd to Extraordinary!

Old Window Ideas

1. Window Photo Frames

Window Photo Frames

Blend the idea of stunning picture frames and those old windows with chipped paint. Attach your precious photos to the back of the window glass with clear picture corners and voila!

DIY Details : cottageinstincts

2. Decorative Mirror from Old Windows

Decorative Mirror from Old Windows

Installing a rustic mirror in the entryway makes the space brighter and much more appealing with a repurposed window working as its frame. Add bronze hooks to make it a coat hanger.

DIY Details : cozycottagecute

3. Altered Window Frame

Altered Window Frame

This shabby chic thing brings out a bundle of colors to your home. Attach patterned papers to the back of the glasses of a wooden window frame, decorating with a paper flower wreath.

DIY Details : littlebirdiesecrets

4. Little Window House

Little Window House

A super easy to build structure, this hut-shaped mini garden house has got upcycled windows disguised as each of its sides. Grow plants or decorate it for the seasons!

DIY Details : craftsalamode

5. One-of-a-Kind Wall Art

One-of-a-Kind Wall Art

A worn out window frame with its glasses banged out is transformed into a vintage wall art – cedar wood pieces replace the glasses after being painted and adorned with artistic prints.

DIY Details : serendipitychicdesign

6. 12-Pane Window Frame Mirror

12-Pane Window Frame Mirror

This repurposed mirror sporting 12 shining panes is definitely, large and about 22 pound heavy. An extra character is added to the piece with an amazing coat of glazing.

DIY Details : cozycottagecute

7. Grapevine Burlap Fall Wreath

Grapevine Burlap Fall Wreath

The kind of rustic element a grapevine wreath decorated with pretty burlap flowers flaunts surely deserves an equally unconventional backdrop – just like this old window frame.

DIY Details : aprettylifeinthesuburbs

8. Window Turned Wine Cork Board

Window Turned Wine Cork Board

This window frame cum bulletin board with wine corks has got more to it than plain decoration! It gets your work desk well-organized with a hint of style.

DIY Details : mom4real

9. Shabby Old Window to Chic Decor

Shabby Old Window to Chic Decor

Three of the six window panes are adorned with a simple, weathered looking scrapbook paper, while the rest have got creative vinyl lettering. Perfect mantel showpiece!

DIY Details : mylifeatmidlife

10. Window Turned Bookcase

Window Turned Bookcase

Haven’t got a cabinet with enough room to store that book collection of yours? Turn an old window into the chic door of a DIY bookcase built with wooden boards.

DIY Details : sharonathome

11. How to Make a Window Table

How to Make a Window Table

Here’s a piece of utmost creativity, having a window frame hinged to the top of a fence board coffee table. And yes, the frame also functions as the lid of the underneath storage.

DIY Details : martysmusings

12. Make a Chalkboard Window

Make a Chalkboard Window

Let the glasses of an old window frame work as a unique chalkboard surface by spraying some chalkboard paint. Cure the paint to make it all set for notes and doodles.

DIY Details : theshabbycreekcottage

13. Decorated Window Display

Decorated Window Display

Whether it’s the mantel or a display shelf, this window flaunting vinyl letters at the bottom pane while a wreath goes on the top is a sureshot statement maker.

DIY Details : hometalk

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