20 Upcycled Furniture Ideas Breathing New Life Into An Exhausted Piece of Furniture!

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No matter how gorgeous it was when you bought it first, just about every furniture item gets all worn-out or simply seems to be of no purpose over the years. But, a handful of alternations and basic additions can totally breathe new life into an exhausted piece of furniture, just like the 20 Upcycled Furniture Ideas bundled below.

Upcycled Furniture Ideas

1. Upcycled Drawers to Side Tables

Upcycled Drawers to Side Tables

Attach a wood shelf and little legs to two old extra large drawers, adorning them with a couple coats of pastel shades of paint, transforming them into beautifully bright side tables with a mid-century appeal.

DIY Details : hometalk

2. Upholstered Ottoman

Upholstered Ottoman

Handimania shows you how to turn an old table into the perfect accompaniment to your sofa, an adorable upholstered ottoman having a foam seat covered with a nice fabric of your choice, having the legs painted in a matching hue.

DIY Details : handimania

3. DIY Tiered Tray from Thrift Store Frames

DIY Tiered Tray from Thrift Store Frames

Here’s what you need to serve the showstopper dessert of a party on! Picture frames with pallets installed are spruced up with chalky paint, finally being screwed to a candlestick in the middle.

DIY Details : whattreasuresawait

4. Curbside Dresser Into Bar

Curbside Dresser Into Bar

A fantastic upcycled piece of furniture happens when you add some shelvings into a dresser integrating glass holders into the same and coating the results with a a fusion mineral paint – a vintage themed bar.

DIY Details : hometalk

5. Repurposed Auction Cabinet

Repurposed Auction Cabinet

An auction cabinet has its door inserts cut out and gets redesigned with chicken wires going between the door frames. Sanding, painting and staining it, while adding new door knobs gives finishing touches to the buffet.

DIY Details : thelovelyresidence

6. Old Desk Turned Into 2 Nightstands

Old Desk Turned Into 2 Nightstands

Who would imagine that chopping a simple desk into half can yield two awesome and identical night stands, making a complete statement when placed in the bedroom. Paint in white and attach copper drawer knobs.

DIY Details : realitydaydream

7. Toddler Loft Bed with Old Crib

Toddler Loft Bed with Old Crib

Is your little toddler all grown up and that crib seems to be too special to get rid of? Reassembling it with 10 simple steps is the key to transforming the crib into a winsome loft bed.

DIY Details : adrielbooker

8. Old Door Photo Frames

Old Door Photo Frames

Not just a thing of upcycling, but also utmost precious-ness! An old door has its windows serving as photo frame,s holding memories that are precious to your family, while hooks at the bottom make it a wonderful coat rack too.

DIY Details : photogmommie

9. French Style Bench from Old Chairs

French Style Bench from Old Chairs

The antique look flaunted by this European style bench makes it hard to figure out it’s actually 2 upcycled old knockoff Duncan-Phyfe themed chairs, connected to each other using some pieces of pine or scrapwood.

DIY Details : anoregoncottage

10. How to Spray Paint Dining Chairs

How to Spray Paint Dining Chairs

You can transform practically any furniture item into a brand new thing of functionality and appearance with just a splash of vibrant-hued paint. And that’s exactly what these dining chairs coated in Cobblestone furniture paint do.

DIY Details : refreshrestyle

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