20 Incredible Ideas to Repurpose Old Chairs and Transform Them Into Brand New Stuff!

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Do you find it hard to bid farewell to an old piece of furniture even when you have got some brand new stuff? Repurposing those old and useless chairs into stunning new furnishings, proving them to be a junk lover’s dream! A lovely set of outdoor stools, a beautiful swing for your porch, or simply an innovative storage – these 20 Incredible Ideas to Repurpose Old Chairs are here to let you transform them into so many awesome things.

Incredible Ideas to Repurpose Old Chairs

1. Sidewalk Chalkboard from Wooden Folding Chairs

Sidewalk Chalkboard from Wooden Folding Chairs

Attaching medium density fibreboard squares coated with chalkboard paint to old and worn out frames of simple wooden folding chairs magically transforms them into a sidewalk-style standing chalkboards, perfect for jotting down little messages.

DIY Details : knickoftime

2. Dumpy Chair to Benchy Flair

Dumpy Chair to Benchy Flair

No matter how damaged these chairs seemed to be at the first glance, a primer and a dash of bright spray paint gets it all going. What combines the chairs together is a long fabric-covered pad for the seat of the bench.

DIY Details : fourmarrsonevenus

3. Easy Shelf From Rocking Chair

Easy Shelf From Rocking Chair

Introduce one of the coolest DIY piece of storage to your kitchen or bathroom – a lovely shelf built out of a rocking chair. While the seat makes for the shelves, spindles or legs work as the hangers.

DIY Details : myrepurposedlife

4. Cane Back Earring Rack

Cane Back Earring Rack

A stunning fashion accesory deserves an equally pretty display that also makes things easy-to-reach. And that’s exactly what this earring rack repurposing an old cane back chair does. Those golden painted edges are splendorous.

DIY Details : ninered.blogspot

5. Vintage Chair Drink Stand

Vintage Chair Drink Stand

A round-shaped seat sported by that vintage chair works just perfect as the frame for a galvanized bucket stuffed with ice cubes, yielding a rustic outdoor cooler for your drinks and beverages. Charm it up with a chalkboard label.

DIY Details : cutediyprojects

6. DIY Hall Tree

DIY Hall Tree

What an amazing way to separate the seat and the chair back yet keep them together. The seat is turned into a stool with pillow stuffing and fabric, while the back is modified into a rack with hooks.

DIY Details : deeconstructed

7. Vintage Stool to Bathroom Caddy

Vintage Stool to Bathroom Caddy

Super functional to use and oh so adorable to look at, this handy bathroom caddy is actually a modified vintage stool. The lid flaunts fabric pockets for the knick-knacks and the inner compartment sports baskets and bins.

DIY Details : bhg

8. Chair Back Towel Rack

Chair Back Towel Rack

Give an all new life to chairs with broken legs or seats by separating and disguising their backs into a towel or scarf rack. Allowing the spindles to hang the towels, customize the rack with your favorite color.

DIY Details : anestforallseasons

9. Repurposed Chair Back Photo Hanger

Repurposed Chair Back Photo Hanger

This photo hanger holding your precious memories in style comes with a farmhouse flair – all thanks to that chair back painted in white chalk-paint with a distressed look, the wooden gray stained clothespins, and the curved metal hanger.

DIY Details : organizedclutter

10. Chair Back Photo Frame

Chair Back Photo Frame

If an elegant design is the showstealer of a chair’s back, it can prove to be the most beautiful picture frame ever. Extracting the frame of the chair back, you spray paint them, finally sticking the photos.

DIY Details : allthingsthrifty

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