20 Incredible Ideas to Repurpose Old Chairs and Transform Them Into Brand New Stuff!

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Do you find it hard to bid farewell to an old piece of furniture even when you have got some brand new stuff? Repurposing those old and useless chairs into stunning new furnishings, proving them to be a junk lover’s dream! A lovely set of outdoor stools, a beautiful swing for your porch, or simply an innovative storage – these 20 Incredible Ideas to Repurpose Old Chairs are here to let you transform them into so many awesome things.

11. Spindle Wind Chimes

Spindle Wind Chimes

Simply grab a few old chair spindles and craft a breathtaking windchime for your patio or the yard. You need some spray paint, a pretty topper, scissors, a drill and tiny drill bit, some glue, a top piece, and a metal ring.

DIY Details : confessionsofaserialdiyer

12. Upcycled Chair to Side Table

Upcycled Chair to Side Table

The key to upcycling an old chair into this brand new side table is to secure a small piece of hardwood to the chair that has got its seat removed. After adding the tabletop, you spray paint the piece in vibrant white.

DIY Details : thehappierhomemaker

13. Christmas Ornaments from Broken Chairs

Christmas Ornaments from Broken Chairs

Perhaps, the most festive thing to work out from old chair spindles – these colorful Christmas ornaments give a tough competition to any store-bought tree decor. The distressed look is credits to a damp cloth and DIY paint.

DIY Details : debisdesigndiary

14. Old Chair Porch Swing

Old Chair Porch Swing

‘The varied the better’ has been rightly showcased by this piece that combines three chairs with totally different back designs together, using sturdy wooden beams, and hanging them as a lovely porch swing.

DIY Details : livingthecountrylife

15. Repurposed Ivar chair

Repurposed Ivar chair

Yet another example of Ikea upcycling, an Ivar chair is turned into an awesome play kitchen! Two shelves on the side are accompanied by a sink made with a plate, as well as a Bekvam shelf for the top.

DIY Details : ikeahackers

16. Red Chair Bench

Red Chair Bench

You’ll fall in love with the way this bench turns out, beginning with sturdy dumpster chairs. Connect the chairs from side to side, add black chalky paint primer and a final red, lastly placing a wooden board for the seat.

DIY Details : myrepurposedlife

17. Double Chair Bench

Double Chair Bench

This double chair bench boasts the back and hind legs of old chairs on both the sides. Wooden boards matching the curve of the chairs go for the back and seat of the bench spray painted in light turquoise with a little black wash.

DIY Details : myrepurposedlife

18. Side Table from Chair

Side Table from Chair

One can simply not figure out that this beautiful side table with a shelf underneath was a chair once! While the legs and the seat are kept intact, the spindles are attached on top of the seat, further adding a small table top to the piece.

DIY Details : craftszen

19. Rustic Stools

Rustic Stools

Spruce up your yard with an outdoor sitting set sporting lovely stools that have been crafted out of old chairs. Replace the seat with a rustic wooden board, making holes on the sides to install ropes for handling the stool.

DIY Details : craftszen

20. Multi-Tier Storage Stands from Spindles

Multi-Tier Storage Stands from Spindles

Kitchen colanders, a set of enamelware, or old bundt pans – it’s totally upto you when it comes to the choice of bowls for these multi-tier storage stands, having chair spindles as their binding factor.

DIY Details : knickoftime

When you have got your hands on these amazing ideas to repurpose old chairs, who would even think of sending a broken chair to trash or the landfill anymore? Why wait to get going to craft something gorgeous and totally functional for your space?

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