20 Old Clothes Recycle Ideas That You Need to Upcycle Old Wardrobe Items

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It’s no less than heartbreaking to get rid of old clothes that don’t seem to be attractive enough or simply don’t fit you anymore. What comes to your rescue is the idea of giving an all new spruce to your long-lost clothes, that too with just a little bit of creativity and a few tools from around the house. Here are 20 Old Clothes Recycle Ideas that are all you need to upcycle your old wardrobe items.

11. Sweater to Mittens

Sweater to Mittens

Smittens is the name that the author gives this piece of attire because it is a creative remodelling of an sweater to disguise it into super cute mittens. The cozy, fleece lined mittens need 2 co-ordinating pullovers and a few readily available tools.
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12. Cardigan Cowl and Boot Socks From an Old Sweater

Cardigan Cowl and Boot Socks From an Old Sweater

Old sweaters that have got those buttons down their middle can work wonders when it comes to getting them masked as a cozy cardigan cowl or boot socks. Things you need include sharp scissors, needle, thread, pins, and sewing machine.

DIY Details : ehow

13. DIY: Upcycled Sweater Beret

DIY: Upcycled Sweater Beret

Even the most novice cloth crafters can construct the timeless fashion piece, a beret with this uber-cool technique of upcycling an old sweater. Worthy enough of giving a tough competition to any store-bought hats out there.

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14. Make a Cozy Knitted Mug

Make a Cozy Knitted Mug

Are super hot coffees or teas your one true morning love? Built using an old sweater, here’s something that will help you keep them warm for longer – a cozy mug cover wrapped around the cup with buttons passing through the loops.

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

15. Recycled Sweater Bracelets

Recycled Sweater Bracelets

A homemade piece of jewellery! Wouldn’t it be an unconventional and truly cherishable gift for your loved ones? Make gorgeous bracelets adorned with gems and blings, having old sweaters and bangle bracelets as the base.

DIY Details : debisdesigndiary

16. Easy Dog Sweater

Easy Dog Sweater

Your little furry friends deserve that special care during the winter months, making sure they feel warm and cozy with a comfortable attire around their fur. Make an easy dog sweater by cutting the sleeves of your old pullovers.

DIY Details : thehobbyroomdiaries

17. Recycle Old Faux Fur Collar Into A Purse

Recycle Old Faux Fur Collar Into A Purse

If too dramatic isn’t your cup of tea and you just can’t get to donn those jackets or sweaters with thick fur collars lying in your wardrobe, repurpose them into a stunning furry purse adorned with a beaded handle and make a chic style statement.

DIY Details : byelke

18. Tank Top Bodysuit

Tank Top Bodysuit

Just a handful of cuts and folds introduced into an old tank top can add a new life to it and transform it into a gorgeous body suit, taking your underwear as the reference. You need scissors, pins and sewing machine.

DIY Details : mystylediaryy

19. Upcycled Plain Tee

Upcycled Plain Tee

A strip of lace has got all potentials of making even the most ordinary of attires look quite extraordinary. And that’s exactly what adding a thick piece of lace for the collar does to your old t-shirts that seem to have lost their charm to oblivion!

DIY Details : alldaychic

20. Crochet Shirt

Crochet Shirt

Who said those beautiful crocheted doilies were only meant to brighten up your furniture? In fact, you can put them to amazing use by integrating a few cut-outs of the gorgeous patterns into your simple old tee-shirts, tops and denims.

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When it’s such a piece of cake to repurpose old clothes, ending up in some brand-new pieces of attire or even household accessories, why even think of throwing them anymore? Let’s all get into some cloth crafting with one or more of the above old clothes recycle ideas!

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