25 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

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If you are looking for tips to plan your wedding on a budget, then you have come to the right place. This guide offers a host of tips killer wedding planning ideas you can make at home with limited resources. Read on to learn more about these wedding ideas on a budget.  

25 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

1. Unique burlap table numbers

Unique burlap table numbers

These unique burlap table numbers add a beautiful touch to your wedding guest’s tables. Perfect for any rustic or shabby chic wedding, this easy DIY table number project is also the perfect way to seat friends and guests at your special occasion.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

2. Floral Photo Hoop showing you weeding photos

Floral Photo Hoop showing you weeding photos

This is a fun and pretty hula hoop upcycle. It is one of the greatest ways to show off your childhood and current photos of wedding couples.

DIY Details: stylemepretty

3. Wonderful DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

Wonderful DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier

If you didn’t know, this awesome hula hoop chandelier is not only romantic but will you’re your weeding venue look fantastic.

DIY Details: sarahontheblog

4. Stylish Wax Paper Backdrop

Stylish Wax Paper Backdrop

Learn how to make this budget-friendly wax paper backdrop at your home for your upcoming weeding in simple and easy steps.

DIY Details: stylemepretty

5. Wedding Crepe Paper Flower Balls

Wedding Crepe Paper Flower Balls

This tutorial teaches you how to make elegant crepe paper flower balls for your wedding. You can use them as bridal shower décor or for reception purposes.

DIY Details: paperblog

6. Paper Flower Pomander Ball

Paper Flower Pomander Ball

If you love the pomander ball, you don’t need to worry when you are on budget. Fresh flowers can be really expensive, so this paper pomander, also known as kissing balls, is a great alternative for a bride.

DIY Details: projectnursery

7. Flower and Sand Centerpieces.

Flower and Sand Centerpieces

So beautiful and simple, it looks like these flowers are just laying on the sand but this is not the case. Just find the important trick on how to make them.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

8. Silk Flower Chandelier

Silk Flower Chandelier

Floral chandeliers are quickly turning out to be pretty and fun decor idea for weddings. One thing about silk flowers is that they last long.

DIY Details: greenweddingshoes

9. Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Have you thought how innovative and creative you can get by creating various artistic crafts using simple coffee filters with flowers? Try it on your upcoming weeding.

DIY Details: justbellablog

10. Food Coloring Ombre Sand

Food Coloring Ombre Sand

This idea features an easy and quick ombre colored sand using food coloring. It is simply coloring sand with regular old food coloring. Very easy.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

11. DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Yarn wrapped bottles is another decorative idea you can consider for your wedding. Grab a jar of Mod Podge, an empty and clean wine bottle, a paintbrush, and your favorite color of yarn and you are ready to get started.

DIY Details: weddingchicks

12. Gold and Glitter Vases

Gold and Glitter Vases

It is easier and simple to upcycle a bunch of jars and bottles, turning them into beautiful vases for your wedding tables.

DIY Details: confettidaydreams

13. Glitter Letter Magnets

  Glitter Letter Magnets

DIY Details: twiceremembered

14. DIY Glitter Letter Magnets

DIY Glitter Letter Magnets

Create some Glitter Letters magnets in different sizes & shapes for your wedding.

DIY Details: campmakery

15. DIY glitter clothespins

DIY glitter clothespins

These awesome glitter clothespins are the perfect way to escort/seating cards for your upcoming weeding event. Learn how to make them.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

16. A Touch of {Art Deco} Gold

A Touch of {Art Deco} Gold

If you are considering an Art Deco themed wedding, and you are sort on the perfect idea, this DIY is perfect for the glam couple.

DIY Details: weddingstar

17. Floating Blush Hydrangea Globes

Floating Blush Hydrangea Globes

This floral project is one the favorites for many couples. Its end result is beautiful decoration that will make your wedding guests feel welcome.

DIY Details: rusticweddingchic

18. DIY Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jars

DIY Distressed Chalkboard Mason Jars

Distressed chalkboard mason jars can be a budget-friendly decoration idea for your rustic wedding. This idea features painted mason jars with your favorite paint and distressed using sandpaper.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

19. Weddings Signs With Ribbon For Hinges

Weddings Signs With Ribbon For Hinges

This is one of the great ways to keep your wedding occasion flowing as smoothly as possible.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

20. DIY Lace Candle Holders

DIY Lace Candle Holders

It is no secret that lace-wrapped candle holders deliver that atmosphere of romantic elegance to your table display during your wedding.

DIY Details: bellenza

21. DIY Fringe Balloon

DIY Fringe Balloon

Decorate your home with this lovely balloon during this special day. Secure your tasseled string tightly to your favorite colored balloon, and you are done.

DIY Details: jessiewebster

22. DIY gold sequin heart

DIY gold sequin heart

Sometimes you may want something unique to hung over dessert tables during your wedding. DIY gold sequin heart will do the trick.

DIY Details: 100layercake

23. DIY Modge Podge Gold Glitter Wooden Table Numbers

DIY Modge Podge Gold Glitter Wooden Table Numbers

If you want to make glittered wooden table numbers but you don’t know how to get started, this tutorial will help you learn.

DIY Details: letlovebloom

24. Hand Lettered + Painted Acrylic Wedding Signs

Hand Lettered + Painted Acrylic Wedding Signs

Using chalk ink, few other items and fabulous techniques, you can make this hand-lettered acrylic signs for your wedding. The aim here is to give your guests directions.

DIY Details: somethingturquoise

25. Complete-diy-marquee-letters


This project involves making your own light up marquee letters from metal and wood flashing, perfect for your dorm room.

DIY Details: evanandkatelyn

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