25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day

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Dressing up in your best outfits and looking absolutely great is a must-do whether you are going to attend a wedding, or simply are the bride yourself ! And achieving an awesome overall look is not only about a lovely dress, but about each and every one of your finger nails as well, specially when one of the fingers is going to adorned with that much-awaited wedding ring. Here are 25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day!

Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day

1. Lace Nail Design

That delicate lacey something is an evergreen concept when it comes to wedding nail ideas. What’s great is that the lace tips not only look simply beautiful and elegant, but are also oh so easy to put together. You don’t need to go for a complicated designing or tools – instead all it takes is applying a gleaming neutral base coat adorned with a white lace design stamp that is lovely enough to steal all eyes. In fact, this one is so versatile that you can pull it off for weddings as well as just about any regular day at work.

Design Details : instagram

2. Floral Wedding Inspiration

The simplicity combined with a little much needed element of glamour flaunted by this Floral Wedding Inspiration is going to make you straight up obsessed with it. While all the fingertips are coated in a shimmery shade of silver, one of the special tips is charmed with a floral pattern in the same shade brought to life with stamping technique. That negative space at the backdrop looks absolutely stunning, and a cute little embellishment on top adds the perfect final touches to the subtle floral look. Ohmygoshpolish takes you through the video tutorial to recreate the inspiration all by yourself.

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3. Glitter Wedding Manicure

Glitter Wedding Manicure

Adding a dash of glitter to even the most basic of things takes their beauty to all new heights, and this glitter wedding manicure shared by Sometimes Sweet does that just perfect. A pale pink manicure forms the background for a bright golden layer of glitter that begins from the bottom and gradually fades towards the tips of your nails. All you need is a clear nail polish, a glitter nail polish, and a nice base coat to get it all done in just a matter of minutes. Specially when it’s about weddings, celebrations and shines go hand in hand.

Design Details : sometimessweet

4. Embellishment Bow Wedding Nails

Embellishment Bow Wedding Nails

As the name suggests, this glamorous idea sports a huge pretty bow loaded with lots of bright silver-colored embellishments ! And the way the bow sits on one of the tips that have been freshly French manicured, it rightly compliments the classic tips at their best. If you wish to make things a little more dramatic, you can always build that lovely bow on the rest of the nails. Working out the look calls for a base nail polish, a top coat, a white nail paint, a nail art brush, some nail glue, and of course, lots of little silver stones.

Design Details : instagram

5. Tapered Pink Nails With Bright Crystals

Tapered Pink Nails With Bright Crystals

How about bringing a twist to this traditional concept of wedding pearls for the nails and turn it into a soothing artwork sitting on your fingertips that keeps things minimal yet special ? A gorgeous light pink color comes into play to form a smooth and creamy base here, but the finished mani stands out beautifully with those pretty crystals lining up the edge of one of the nails. That special one also comes out as the most attention seeking one, while that tapered shape sported by the long nails makes things quite edgy.

Design Details : beauty-and-the-blogger

6. Unique Wedding Nail Design: 7 Striking Ideas

Unique Wedding Nail Design: 7 Striking Ideas

Whether you are looking for stylishly elegant nails combining french tips with little white hearts; or want to go for an idea that has got that element of sensuality featuring bold kissing lips and the word ‘love’ on a bright red backdrop; love all things simple and subtle just like a classic union of black and white; or simply adore the latest trend of 3D painted nails with lovely embossed flowers; the below guide by Wedding Elation has got you covered with a total of 7 Striking Ideas that are all you need to achieve your very desired wedding manicure.

Design Details : weddingelation

7. 3D Acrylic Nail Polish Swirls

3D Acrylic Nail Polish Swirls

Give your fingertips an all new dimension for the most special day of your life – all thanks to some acrylic nail paints that let you achieve a stunning 3D effect for the patterns you draw with the same, And that embossed essence makes the preferred elements of the design pop out with utmost grace, just like these amazing white swirls filled with a glossy white paint, having a light pink shade as the background. You need to gather a white acrylic paint, some gel paint a gel brush, a white nail pint, a round nail brush, a few bright embellishments, and a top coat.

Design Details : nail-art

8. Beaded Stamped Wedding Nail Art

Beaded Stamped Wedding Nail Art

How spectacular does that string of big and small silver pearls bringing out a sharp contrast between the two nail halves looks ! On each side of the string, lies a unique design – while one is all about plain solid color keeping things nude and natural, the other half has got super adorable flowers stamped onto the nude base color. It’s amazing how the manicure balances the two together, while blending them into each other at the same time with those beads of glamour. This one is a perfect union of simple and intricate.

Design Details : weddbook

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