25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day

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Dressing up in your best outfits and looking absolutely great is a must-do whether you are going to attend a wedding, or simply are the bride yourself ! And achieving an awesome overall look is not only about a lovely dress, but about each and every one of your finger nails as well, specially when one of the fingers is going to adorned with that much-awaited wedding ring. Here are 25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day!

9. French Nail Art Design with Lace Details

French Nail Art Design with Lace Details

A thin crystal white line across each nail paired with a lacey accent on one of the tips is undoubtedly, oh so feminine and modern. Making sure that things don’t go overboard with decor, this mani puts an intricate lace design with a splendid embossed effect on a single tip, while French manicure works wonders for the remaining nails. How acrylic nail paints add so much life to a flat design is rightly demonstrated by this unique mani shared by Popular Ladies in the below inspiration. Isn’t it a super graceful something to look at?

Design Details : popularladies

10. Compliment Your Dress With Lace Nails

Compliment Your Dress With Lace Nails

If you are looking for a wedding nail art idea that can match your outfit just like magic, these Lace Nails are all you need. And, how realistic the pattern painted onto the tips looks is simply awe-inspiring. Getting your hands on this exquisite, delicate-looking nail art takes just a base nail paint, some white nail paint, a stamping kit with a lace plate, and some clear top coat. It won’t take more than a moment to channel your inner elegant-girl with this more-than-perfect manicure that can’t make it more apt for your wedding day than this!

Design Details : youandyourwedding

11. Metallic Glitter Nail Design

Metallic Glitter Nail Design

A sleek stripe of metallic goodness can make everything so much more festive, glowing and luxurious when it’s painted onto your fingertips for a perfect wedding manicure. In fact, going for a plain coat of nude polish is enough to get it all going when you have got that metallic stripe right in place. Go for a dose of golden glitter for one of the tips and you are definitely going to love how it turns out ! Pulling off the whole art is effortlessly easy and you don’t even need to be a pro at nail designing to recreate it all by yourself.

Design Details : womensfashioncorner

12. Pink, Pearly and Lacey Wedding Nails

Pink, Pearly and Lacey Wedding Nails

Here’s a glorious manicure flaunting a simple yet winsome pattern put together in predominant shades of pink and white clubbed with the magic of shiny mini pearls. A trace of lace created with a simple nail stamping in pure white jumps out with a delightful feel, while the soft sections are complimented by an edge of pearls that’s simply untouchable when it comes to creating quite a picturesque sight with those fingers of yours. Apart from the pearls, all you need is a clear coat, a pink enamel, a nail glue and a dotting tool.

Design Details : womensfashioncorner

13. Shimmery Wedding Nails

Shimmery Wedding Nails

Transforming your nails from plain to simply ravishing for your wedding day and letting the tips do the talking is all what this glittery nail art explains with all its splendor brought to life with a gleaming silver something. A great nail mani idea for all the novices as well as the connoisseurs, these shimmery wedding nails need just a few supplies – a base coat, a top coat, and a glittery silver polish. Not only will this one win you loads of compliments from all the guests, but also win that special someone’s heart in the very first glimpse.

Design Details : womensfashioncorner

14. Oh So Many Variants to White

Oh So Many Variants to White

French tips and half moon join hands to bring this awesome nail art inspiration to life, working out an all-new pattern on each of the fingertips ! Giving one of the tips a major section of negative space, the other one has been charmed with a solid coat of white topped with a silver rhinestone. The showstopper here is the middle finger that flaunts a beautiful design with great deal of symmetry, making the nails look breathtakingly stylish and detailed. The below idea is all about a picture speaking a thousand words.

Design Details : m.vk

15. Offbeat Glitter Wedding Nail Art

Offbeat Glitter Wedding Nail Art

Taking you to a whole new world of joy, the concept of multi-colored glitter integrated into nail art is breathtakingly perplexing – and what can suit your wedding day better than that. Make your fingertips a reflection of your happiness with lots of glitter, shimmer, and colors spread throughout the nails, having the bottom studded with a cute sparkling embellishment. You need a clear top coat, a base coat, a white nail paint, and colorful nail glitter to work out this offbeat one of wedding nail ideas ?

Design Details : hair-sublime

16. Dramatic Wedding Nail Art

Dramatic Wedding Nail Art

Sometimes, all you need for your special day is some drama and a little artistic touch for your look – and these glamorously done nails will sure make heads turn to your fingernails. Everything it takes to work out some drama, including lots of ombre glitter, crystal white half nails to celebrate the purity of wedding, an aptly contrasting negative space for the remaining half, and some brightly colored embellishments to get that little startle, this one has got it all. For a quick insight into the inspiration, head to the below incredible share by Wedd Book.

Design Details : weddbook

17. 3D Nail Art With Colored Embellishments

3D Nail Art With Colored Embellishments

Best Art Nails calls this astonishing manicure one of the best variants of all wedding nail ideas out there, but what’s great is that this one is going to go just well for a special dinner, an evening party or a get together with friends too. While the white color throughout the tips is all about classic hues, lots of multicolored pastes added to the tips gives the mani its dose of color. And yes, that 3d pattern on every single nail deserves a special mention – all thanks to the treacle acrylic that makes your nails the sure-shot center of attention.

Design Details : bestartnails

18. French Tips and Lacey 3D Pattern Wedding Nails

French Tips and Lacey 3D Pattern Wedding Nails

Can there be anything more amazing to decorate a square manicure than the winsome idea of French tips? What if that prettiness is combined with a lacy pattern that is worked out in 3 dimension on the middle finger, that too using just a simple nail art brush? While the whole nail remains all neutral and glossy throughout, the tips get their lovely varnishing with a pretty white shade. Even the ring finger deserves something special, so all you need to do is put gems in different size on the nail lunulae, achieving unbeatable heights of beauty!

Design Details : bestartnails

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