25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day

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Dressing up in your best outfits and looking absolutely great is a must-do whether you are going to attend a wedding, or simply are the bride yourself ! And achieving an awesome overall look is not only about a lovely dress, but about each and every one of your finger nails as well, specially when one of the fingers is going to adorned with that much-awaited wedding ring. Here are 25 Wedding Nail Ideas That Are All You Need To Charm Your Tips For The Special Day!

19. Pastel Shades with Acrylic Molding

Pastel Shades with Acrylic Molding

Introduce a one-of-a-kind twist to your fingertips with pastel shades offering a unique fashion statement to your wedding outfit and look on a whole. The pleasing appeal of the pink pastel backdrop worked out in matte varnish is elegantly romantic, while those swirls painted in white putting acrylic molding to creative use are all about intricate perfection. Tips with acrylic artwork are made even more stunning when cute little rhinestones are added at the bottom to form the outlines of half moons on your nails.

Design Details : bestartnails

20. Classic French Manicure with a Twist

Classic French Manicure with a Twist

What a stupendous take on the idea of classic French manicure is this simple yet awesome wedding nail art that compliments the lovely pink background and white tips with an accent on ring finger! Speaking of the accent, this one has got a pattern that sometimes resembles a pretty lace, while looking like an abstract floral design at others. What you need to gather is a clear nail polish, a pink nail enamel, a white nail paint, a stamping kit, a nail art brush, and a few rhinestones. Head to the below guide by Best Art Nails to recreate the mani with utmost ease.

Design Details : bestartnails

21. 3D Floral Bridal Nails

3D Floral Bridal Nails

Having this one painted on your nails doesn’t need much to explain who is the most special lady of the occasion! Another name for absolute gorgeousness, these 3D Floral Bridal Nails are enchanted with lots and lots of different sized flowers put together on the pointed tips, slowly following the shape of the nails with varying thickness and depth. No matter how hard to achieve does this look, the mani is surprisingly easy to recreate – all you need is an acrylic nail paint brush, some acrylic nail paint in white, a base coat, and a top coat.

Design Details : instagram

22. Gorgeous Heart Wedding Nail Art

Gorgeous Heart Wedding Nail Art

What comes to your minds on the mere mention of the word wedding? Of course, it’s love, hearts and romance ! Integrate the three into your wedding look by letting your creative juices flow on your fingertips. Thick French tips covering the pointed nails look absolutely beautiful when combined with the transparent coat on the remaining half. But the star element of this inspiration is a huge, bright red heart that goes in perfect co-ordination with two of the middle tips. And a little glitter is something you just can’t skip!

Design Details : pinterest

23. Super Cool Union of Geometric and Florals

Super Cool Union of Geometric and Florals

Geometric patterns and soft floral designs are two things that hold a strong contrast to each other, and that’s why bringing them together in one single nail art seems to be a super cool idea. While the tips of the nails are adorned with bold white stripes and dots decorated with little rhinestones, two of the nails flaunt beautiful white flowers having a dash of vibrant color in the middle, making things look exceptionally pleasant to the eyes. After all, how can a wedding outlook be even complete without some florals?

Design Details : hairandbeautypics

24. Exquisite Mesh on Nails

Exquisite Mesh on Nails

What makes this mani truly appropriate for a wedding outlook is that carefully painted mesh that has got lots and lots of dots as its building blocks. The half-moon pattern at the bottom and that accurately drawn pattern on top surely seem to be quite troublesome to put together, but you can get it all done just like a piece of cake with the help of a dotting tool, and of course, some nail varnish. However, this one calls for a great deal of patience and time to make sure you don’t lose on the desired level perfection!

Design Details : bestartnails

25. Square Wedding Nails With Detailed Florals

Square Wedding Nails With Detailed Florals

Florals symbolize elegance, grace and the delicate inner lady hidden inside of you. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to make her a part of your wedding celebrations by letting your fingertips reflect her spirit? While the tips have got freely-painted flowers, pretty little white colored grooves form the base of the flowers, bringing out quite an ironic appeal to the otherwise square-shaped nails that have got loads of edginess to their appearance. And you can put the pattern together using a base nail paint, a white polish, and a nail art brush.

Design Details : nailartgallery.nailsmag

Whether you are simply looking out for painting your nails with a dose of bling or a solid coat of pastel paint, want to go for the classic concept of dramatic nails all done with stones and shines, or simply want to bring out a whole rainbow of colors on the tips to get the celebrations going, the aforesaid Wedding Nail Ideas are all you need!

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